Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Born to be Wild and Perform Magic

Well this is going to be a wild story to tell you. Here is a event you bet you never think of performing at. Let's start form the beginning. About 3 months ago on a nice summer evening I was hired to perform at a 50th Birthday party for a guy that owns a motorcycle clothing company. His wife had planned this surprise for months, and the night of the party he was totally surprised. I performed close up magic during the evening and did a great job and that was that, I thought. Two weeks ago his wife calls for me to work an event they put on each year called "Rally in the Valley". That's right a Biker Show & Festival! They liked my magic and I appeared to be hip enough for their crowd for their event. So here I go working a crowd of Biker Guys and Gals.

Looking like something from all those Discovery Channel Biker Build Off events on a stage with Budwieser logos and a Heavy Metal Band in between biker babes dancing and the awards for the best Bikes was me doing magic. Trust me it was a experiance and actually lots of fun, but you had to be there to enjoy it. I was decked out in my best leather biker jacket and black jeans ala David Copperfield. I was laughing inside the whole time as I worked the stage doing magic. Check out the photos in this blog. If your looking for the best biker leather and stuff check out http://www.renegadeclassics.com/
A bit different from the family shows I normally do but heck it's just another type of family only cooler and hairy.

Tony's Picks

Chico The Mindreading Monkey

From our creative friend Bill Abbott comes Chico the Mindreading Monkey. We have asked Bill to send us a few as we have sold out of this great item over and over. Bill has sent six and we don't know when we will get more. This has been a top seller throughout this year . It is a comedy packed routine that anyone that knows about working for kids or adults has put this into their show. So get yours before we sell out. Its comes packed with Bill's act and all the props and of course Chico puppet.

Kabuki Throw Streamers

So many of you have called in and asked for them and now Hocus Pocus has them...Kabuki Throw Streamers. These are the same well made streamers that my friends Jeff McBride and Paul Kozak use in their acts. These have to be considered the best made Throw steamers made each with a little lead weight to make them just sail just right. Choose from either white or red to enhance the magic or moment in your show. Magic is about being visula and Kabuki Streamers are just that VISUAL!! Those of you the are looking for the best we found them and now have them for you.

Ultimate Pitch DVD

Paul Romhany once again keeps the creative and working magician more tools for his trade. Either as something to sell after your show or as a give away the Oitch DVD with your name, photos and logo on the DVD is a product you need to get you name out there. Paul and i will help you make a custom teach magic DVD for your audiences to remember your show by. Paul has been selling these for years on Cruise ships after his show. Here is how it works, you purchase the Pitch DVD from us. Send me your photos and logo and Paul will make a master DVD that you can copy on you PC (or go to a master Dup place) and then you can either give them away or sell them for $10-15 after your show. Its done to music and the hands in shot show the magic. What a great way to make extra bucks after a show.

Parakeet Gizmo

From pro worker Dave Womach comes Parakeet Gizmo. How many times would you like to add that touch of a live bird to your show like this. The magician takes a silk handkerchief out of his pocket and runs it through his hands to show it completely empty and free of any apparatus. The silk is gathered up into a small wad, and from it, a parakeet emerges. Well Dave has made the perfect holder for your Parakeets. Reinforce fabric for the wear and tear of teeth of the bird. Easy velcro opening and setting and safe loading so that the birds feather never get ruffled. watch the YouTube video to see how this all works on our site. A must indeed for any bird worker.

Johnathon the Caterpillar

From Europe comes a clever take on the black hole theory. A board with a tree on one side then a Caterpillar on the other. You reach in and produce a apple board is shown at all times both front and back. The apple goes back in the hole and its gone. This time reach in and the apple has been eaten. This is a great family show prop and the concept of the black hole into which the apple goes into makes this even more charming along with the silk screen of the Caterpillar who eats the apple. A little (not to hard) sleight of hand makes this even more magical. You will use this over and over and again. You may even come up with a great story or just do it to music. Either way a stunning visual effect.

Tony Tips

Over the years I have written of what I call the RSG concept, RSG = Ready, Set, Go. This is where you know what your doing the moment you walk into a gig. You may be book for one type of show and then find it is some thing else. In the case of this past weekend's Biker event I knew what I was getting into. What I didn't know was my 4:00 show was going to be a 2:30 show. I figured to get there earlier then needed to be just to soak up the local color. As a working pro I saw that the line up had been that the awards were going to be given out then the entertainment would follow.

Well after 18 year in Vegas and many Slot promotions I know that once the food has been eaten and the prize money is given folks leave. That is it, even if the folks planning the event plan for a band to stay and play music for folks to dance to. So when the MC of this Biker event asked if I could go on at 2:30 when I had just got there 20 minutes earlier I said "No Problem". This means I better not have to many things that need a long set up, and if I do I better have it ready in my case to go when I get to the gig. So I unload my roadie case and hooked into the bands sound system and was ready in less then 10 minutes.

You need to look at your show and figure how fast how quick you can look like a pro. The general thinking of most folks are that you are magic and need no set up. It is the real Pro that makes the booker or client really believe you are magic by being the johnny on the spot ready. I can't begin to tell you of all the events that I had to have just jumped on stage and be ready at the last moment becuase of lack of planning on the part of the casino or agent. For everytime you work in front of a audience your must have all the prep time done before your get to the event. If you need to set or load stuff into a coat or pan or box do it before you leave the house.One thought is to get to the gig extra early to set up even more.

The past few weekends I have had back to back birthday parties, so the first gig I get there early and blow up 3 dozen balloons before the kids arrive to make hats at the end of the show. Saving time so I can get out and get to the next gig. One of my favorite films is "Bring on the Night" a movie by Sting on the making of his band after the Police. One line he says is that " In Jazz music you have time to figure out what to play, but in Rock you must Burn from the begininng". This has aways been with me on how you need to walk on a stage and "Burn from the Begining". Start thinking how to get your time right to make more bookings and more cash for your programs. Start to think RSG, Ready, Set, Go.

Here are a few "Rally in the Valley" pics of yours truly in action.

Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco
Biker wantabe...well

Looks like you're enjoying the time off from the classes and having an excellent time.

I wondered why all the bikers were in town -- now I know.

Have great holidays.

love it
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