Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get Ready For the Busy Season

Last Saturday was a busy one for me. We have just wrapped up our magic classes for the time as the Holiday season is near. The Kids last magic class did an amazing job creating they own Cups and Balls routines from seeing many different moves and routines I showed them. It truly is a great feeling to see someone learn from your ideas and then grow them into something of their own. Saturday we also had a visit from the creative genius of Alan Wong (Alan and I at Excalibur on the right) . You know Alan's name from his great effect Wonder Pet. It really was a pleasure to see him again and you folks will have to check out his new items that we carry and will be getting soon. Then the rest of the day finds me doing not 1 but 2 birthday parties back to back. Lucky both were about 10 minutes apart. So by the time I finished the second party the sun was just setting. That's around 5:00 PM now since the time change, amazing to realized I actually woke up at 5 AM to start this Saturday. Hope your weekend was a busy and eventful.

Tony's Picks

Snow Animator 4.0

From magician, inventor and Las Vegas producer Kevin James comes the 4th in a series of creative turns on his Snow Animator. Those of you who remember the senstation that Kevin created with his grand finale of the Snowstorm in China with the first snow animator's creation well over 10 years ago. Now Kevin has slimmed it down to the point of a napkin box and a table. This version the sound is lower and the snow flies much higher. This has got to be Kevin's crowning achievement in the development of the Snow Animator. Comes complete with traveling case, battery charger, A DVD with Kevin sharing his 15years of knowledge on the Animator and making the right snow load.

Human Phone Number

Our good friend Bob Kohler has finally tipped something that has been working on for over 18 years in the making. Bob tells of his first time learning of the phone book test some 18 years ago. He learned each and every way that it could be performed, and now shares his most treasured version that he has created. This method has served Bob all around the world (hence two versions for sale) that even Paul says "I would use today if I was still performing". Imagine going into a town and using a local phone book. Here is a effect that can play for parlor, stage and close-up. This is the ultimate phone book test. Bob has spared no expense to cover all aspects of this type of effect. CD with over 41 pages and 4 movies to teach you the most wanted effect in magic. I want you to read the full write up on the web for the history of what Bob gives you for a one of a kind effect. Honestly this is a name maker effect and I won't be surprised if someone like David or David or Criss use this in their next show!!!!

Spots Before Your Eyes

Again Paul Rohmany has with Reg Donnelly have add a twist to a basic effect of What's Next. This classic effect that every magician has done at one time or another. This year we even started sell Mrs. Brown's Cookies which I thought was a clever twist. Now Paul and Reg share Reg's pet routine using the "teaching audio" ala Bandanna routine to perform this effect. Simple in its concept but hey you didn't think of it so now with a video and audio to teach and perform it. Clever that the audio actually comes in English and Spanish for your audience to see you perform it to. Since moving to California this works for me in so many ways!!

Dream Lock

My good friend that I mention earlier Alan Wong made a point while in California from Hong Kong stopped by Hocus Pocus to blow both Paul and I away with his Dream Lock. This is a effect that I promise you that you wil carry every where. It appears to be a simple combo lock and it is! Then showing you how it opens and closes and spin the numbers it is locked. Spectator can try many different combos and it will not open. Have now 4 different folks give a number each and the it will open. This is the most well made and clever device that I will be very proud to carry any time that I do walk around or even have for a stage performance. I am just sorry that Alan didn't leave me with one for this weekend's shows coming up. Trust me you will want this one as much as all of you have purchased Alan's Wonder Pet!!!

Love Storm and Butterfly Storm

Since I am proud to tell you more of Alan's creative ideas from the land of the Far East comes his take on the Snow Storm in China. Both Love Storm and Butterfly Storm play on the magic that is Snowstorm. This time as the titles state one snow storm is the flowing of red hearts over the audience. Then with Butterfly storm a shower of Butterflies. Each very well made and each with a clever storyline for the magic of love. The clever magic can see this being used at many different types of events, first of course working a wedding party. Thank you Alan and your crew of Hong Kong wizards for this great effects. This is only the begining of Alan's ideas, look soon for many Hocus Pocus effects thru Alan coming soon.

Tony's Tips

Each week it gets harder to chat with all of you as I really am not getting feed back from what all of you may need to learn and want to hear about. So I write on and hope you will ask for some help. In the meantime thanks to Paul and Mike I have a voice to share what I find interesting this week. Some times it might be a spark from something I learned this week or think you all need to learn. So again this week its a mix of things that come to mind.

Change is good and sometimes a surprise! About a month ago I did one of the many shows that I have done for our local Zoo. If I did mention this that night for some reason I did not have my regular show CD. I have a few with me all the time and know the music well on each one. well that night I needed to sub for the regular opening of my show with one of these. A effect that I have been doing for years had been getting mixed reviews for the Fresno audiences. This night with different music and movements it killed. So what was different that this effect went over!

It's that challenge of doing something new. It is said in show biz that the first time is always the best.This is why so many shows you see on TV of a live performacne are taped on opening night. Each time you perform it must be like the first time. You can have done this show a hundred times but never forget it is the first time this audience maybe seeing you. The show of course must be rehearsed but still must look like your doing it off the top of your head. This is what most folks forget after awhile when performing. We all get up and do a daily routine but your show must not look like it is.

I performed two shows (as I mention back to back this weekend) and after each show I either got tipped more money or someone had to hug me to tell me how great I was with both the kids and adults. Not showing off to you but telling you I made a moment seem like it was not a routine or a act even though it is. It was alive and on the spot for that crowd and looked fresh!

We as magi's are able to access much magic, but the magic is to always make it look in the moment. If your shows looks like a robot then your audience is cheated. Keep the magic alive and make your name by being someone that your audience thinks is real at the at moment that they are watching your act. Someone sneezes make a joke, something happens work it in. I even had the birthday gal in the middle of helping me stop and say she needed to go pee. She ran out and everything stopped. 32 years that was a first, what did I do? Popped music on and started reloading for the next show til she came back. Not much to do, that was the Birthday gal and it was an effect for her to shine and shine she did in so many ways....lol.

By the way if you have not seen the two magi movies of this year "The Illusionist" then "The Prestiage" catch them at a theatre near you. The Prestiage has so much magic history in it you won't believe it. Both are great !!!!

Next week your not going to believe what crowd I am working for....hopefully I will have pictures. Just let you know now I am right now listerning to Van Halen and Led Zeppelin to have to change the feel of my show for this crowd. I am laughing as I write cause I never thought I would work for this type of crowd. Thank goodness I watch a lot of the Discovery Channel. Now I have your interest hmmm. What or who is Tony going to perform for?
Tune in next week.

Best magical wishes
your friend in magic,
Tony Blanco

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