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"If you don't look life moves pretty Fast"

This is a brief line from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Honestly it is true if you are in middle of life, life can pass you by if you don't stop and smell the roses. This has been my life sense moving from Las Vegas to Fresno and serving all your magic needs at Hocus Pocus. Not complaining! Just amazed given I am not in the limelight of show biz but spending time to make all of you look good to your audiences. Not saying that I am not still performing. When you call understand that each of us are here to make you look good selling the lastest magical props so treat my staff with care as we all are here to make you look good and wish only the best for you. Trust me we will, no one cares more then Paul and myself to create magic. Both of us have been doing this magic thing for well over 35 years each, thats 70 years of working and setting up shows. Each weekend I am still doing what most of you do, so we at HP know and understand your needs.

Has the year gone by already.....soon it will. Well, then its time to think and plan ahead. Paul tells me he would love to have a magic swap meet right here at Hocus Pocus, sometime in January. This would be the type of event where you can come down and sell off your old magic stuff to fellow magicians. We may even have a famous magi lecture too and perform that evening! If this sounds like something you would be interested in let either Paul or I know in a email. All of you in California, we are located in Fresno so we are central to the state. Anyone is welcome and I think we will have a date for the event soon. Let us know so we can start a vendor list. Call us or e-mail us at sales@hocus-pocus.com

Tony's Pick's

I have to say I choose what I like and what would use but sometimes even I would say you need to be the final choice in what you buy. So as in the Third India Jones movie..."Choose Wisely" and if that is not enough, my staff would help you in making your choice. Paul, myself, Dexter,Ken, and Jeremy will be able to answer your questions before you make a purchase. We try every day to make sure your a happy buyer. We all take it personal if we have a problem with a customer...we really do!!!

Honestly no other magic company will tell you not to buy something if its not right for your act or show like Hocus-Pocus does. I as manager will tell you, we care not to make you upset in your choice of purchases. So we have a 800 number, call and ask for me or Paul to make you magical performances look perfect.

Devil's Nail

Ok you have seen many versions off the three cup smash with a knife routine. Hey there is even a youtube.com screw up of a famous magi slaming a spectator's hand on the real knife. This as well as another one I will recommend that will never happen to you. The Devil's Nail is about electronics and a other thing I can't mentiion that makes this type of act safe. We at HP never want you to look stupid unless you don't rehearse and read the directions. So this is pretty impressive to do in a find which cup has the big nail that you better not slam you hand on!!!

Lemon. Lime, Balloon, Shoe

Now honestly I love the Wiz Coat concept. My friend magician Kevin Barnes killed each night when we worked backed to back at Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas with the effect. Now my friend Jay Mattioli has produced a version that combines the old parakett version of the lemon, lime, egg trick into the shoe version of the Wiz Coat trick so that no animals are needed. This is a plus for the magician that travels around the world. I spoke to Jay today and YES this can be done for the Birthday Party magician!!! Just make sure that you work up against a wall. So here is a effect that will play big even if it may not pack flat. Honestly once we get our first shipment I may beg Paul for one, knowing how its a full show performance value having seen my friend Kevin work with the version he had.

Three Card Prince

How many of you having grown up watching the great Harry Anderson just blow a audience away with his version of Sidewalk Shuffle? Well, now Harry release's his version made in great life time usable cards. So here is your chance to own that routine and cards that will be with you for a long time. If your not sure what this act is you can view it in the video "Hello Sucker from his HBO special. This is the ultimate street version of such an act for the stage with stage size cards. Honestly if you don't know shame on you......as it is a magical classic next to cups and balls. Get It!!!! Do I need to say more!

Sobriety Test

From our good friend Chance Wolf of Wolf Productions, maker of some of the greatest family effects made from the finest material and crafted to perfection. I only wished I only owned each of the props he made!!!! Now he remakes one of his effects for the adult audiences. It's a version of his cup stacking routines with all the bell and whistles for the concept of DUI with
lots comedy and not a lecture. "Friends Don't Let Friends Stack and Drive is the premise for this comedy magic act and there is a non drinking version also. It just comes to a point when the entertainer has to educate and entertain but still have fun and Chance does that in this great routine. I honestly love his craftmanship and ideas...so don't miss out his stuff does not hang around long.


Now as the earlier chat of the Devil's Nail the act is the same!! This version does not depend on electronics! Can't say no more execpt this vesion has no electronics. So actually thats a plus for my life style. Again your dealing with a 3 cups and spike act. Spectator can place the Spike under any cup and move it around and you will still know what cup has the Spike! Then is a matter of you being a performer to make the show work. Don't end up on on the internet screwing this one up....lol

Tony's Tips

Hey Tony,

Wasn't sure how to contact you through the Hocus-Pocus site so here I am. Hope it is not a hassle doing it here.I read, enjoy and find useful your blog on HP whenever I find the time.

Currently, I am a full time touring school performer with a background of everything from events, festivals, parties, night clubs, blah, blah, blah. Have dabbled in event and festival shows for years, but now I want to focus my business on those and related markets.Any tips for a cat like me looking to change gears and get big into new markets?

I've been writing copy for a website targeting that market plus working on additional materials that would apply. Any input a vet like you would offer would be solid gold.Thanks Much and keep on writing,John Johnson

P.S. Enjoyed your bike event tale--I've been riding since I've been a kid and bikers are good company. JJ

Thank You sooooooooooo much John and now your a feaure for this weeks Blog. Get the hint my readers email me and your questions will be answered!

So how to move up the ladder of success? First I would say, Do you have a DVD to send to Entertainement Directors or Agents. This is a MTV world and flash and 3 minutes is all the time one can afford on the biz world. It may cost money but have your show or act taped and then edited to 3 minutes. Why 3 minutes? That is the attention span of the viewer of this genaration. Make it flashy with music, don't have a lot of patter! Make it visual and to music. Use flashy words and recomendations fly across the screen. Make sure you send to the right person in Casinos or Cruise ships, dont waste your money and postage.

Good 8x10's are a plus. When I first started out B/W photos were the case now it is about full color photos so a good ad guy makes a poster for the place your working. Sending them a written PR release is a plus so that a in house PR person does not have to do the job ther were hired to do helps also. Like Mike did when I worked here in Fresno for a Indian Casino get a great photo to send them and they made poster of his great photo. See past blogs or the photo below.

Anyway if you have the drive and focus you can work anywhere and get repeat work if your good. Most important don't have a too many problems for them. Work like you are always ready to go on the moment you walk in. Don't be an artist that they can't handle and be humble.
This has be the secrert to my long career.

Any other questions email me I am here to help.

So now for your Thanksgiving Dinner a great side dish.....

Waldorf Salad


and Mayo

Slice the apples in small bits no skin. Same with the celery. Mix with Mayo. Let sit over night in the fridge. This is a classic salad name after the famous Hotel in NYC. Make in size to the amount of guest you are going to have. So say 4 people slice up 4 to 5 apples and small cuts of celery. This is a concept that needs like most cooking a sense not measurments to the number of folks coming over.
Then mix with mayo and let fridge over night.

Hope you enjoy and wish you the best time off with you love ones


Tony Blanco

That's what the PR Guy did with a photo I gave them for a poster. Folks want it handed to them to make you a star. So give them the tools to make you a star!!!

Thank you, Mike!!

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