Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tis the Magic of the Season

I do hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some rest. We are now in the busiest time of the Season. I have already almost filled my weekends for the rest of the month and soon some evenings also. Since leaving Las Vegas I look back and am very Thankful to this move to Fresno. I even have been here long enough to get my first repeat booking of a child's birthday party. It has been a long time since that has happen. I even am told that I am requested to appear at the Irish Pub where I was a Leprechaun performing closeup magic. Sweet! So here is wishing you shows and repeat bookings abound this season.

Tony's Picks

"Bet Your Bucks"

From the mind of Cody Fisher and his Real World of Magic comes "Bet Your Bucks". Now yougoing to say not another Bill in Lemon routine. Do we need another version. I say with Cody's version this will be the only one you will ever need. This has been a pet routine that Cody has had in his show for many years, and now shares only with Hocus Pocus. His method of loading the lemon right in front of the audience is so clean and there is no heat on you the performer. Cody's take on this comes in the form of a game show, complete with CD music and game show presentation of "Bet Your Bucks". Please take a moment to read the complete write up on the website. There is sooo much that Cody has done to give you a magical yet fully packed entertainment piece for your show. 10 Thumbs up for this one!!

Live At the Jailhouse

Strange title for a 3 DVD set about working the restaurant biz. Here is what may be the most complete 3 DVD set to teach you everything and I mean everything about breaking into the very profitable world of working restaurants. Disc one starts you out in getting the jobs and keeping them. Then goes into tips, getting paid and working with staff and what stuff to perform. Disc Two covers how to really approach the tables and some great magic to perform Disc Three goes into making friends with customers which means repeat work for your restaurant and you. Working for Celebs and how recover if you blow a trick. Featured on this DVD are long time working pro's Kirk Charles, Garrett Thomas Paul Green, Dan Fleshman and Justin Miller. A must have for anyone starting in or have been doing restaurant work!!

Laser Anywhere Manipulation CD Box Set

Lets start out with a fact. The normal CD that we use measures 1.2mm not to flexable without snapping it. Imagine having a CD that measures 0.6mm half the thickness. Now imagine doing every kind of Card production act you have ever seen now with shiny silver CD's. Thats right split fan type production and vanishes. Silks and Card moves with CD's. Flash productions of endless CD's. Thats what Laser Anywhere Manipulation CD Box set is all about. We have them in 15 and 30 Box sets. To really grap the scope of what you can do with these CDs check out the mindblowing on line video. If your interested in these CD's also sold are two DVDs called Laser Anywhere which teach you all these amazing moves. Not to be believed and not to be missed grab them while they last. This is a new wave of stage magic don't miss the boat.

Flesh Wound

Ok this is for all of you that call and ask to be like the street magicians you see on TV. Those who want to push the envelope and in this case the stomach's of your audiences. This effect too has a on line video. Lets just say this takes the needle thru the arm for a toss in the garbage. Imagine taking a knife to your arm, you start to bleed. Then you even peel the skin back and then wipe and heal the wound. A clever idea would be to produce a folded card from the inside of the cut or coin. This effect comes complete with flesh wound (works for any skin color) any knife can be used and a CD to explain all of the gore to freak your audiences out.

Psy Key

From the magical mind of Yves Doumergue comes the most interesting and mindblowing take on the bending key routine. This routine and prop is a must for the working pro. This is it a wild self bending key that once it is bent it can be handed out to be examination and no one will be able to bend it back. This is a limited run effect and it comes with two routines one for close-up and one for stand-up magic. As this effect has a on line video so my words any further won't do justice watch the video. If you have been looking for a great key routine that will shock you crowds this is it!

Tony's Tips

So lets continue with John Johnson's question of "How do you move up the ladder to get to the big time". Depending on we you live and what you perform you already be in the big time. Favorite story of mine when I worked at the Excalibur Casino was when visiting magicians would come by and see my show. The Court Jester stage provided free shows every half hour. Mine was one of 20 diferent shows every half hour. As soon as I got off stage once in a while a visiting magican and his family would greet me.

This visiting magician would tell me that he was looking to move to Las Vegas to make it big. Now having to be a honest person (sometimes too honest) I would ask how much he makes as a magician in his home town. I would get answers like he was the busiest working party magician and even rented out a bounce house also. "So how much do you make a year" He would give me his answer saying it was only part time and he had a real job also and made about one hundred thousand dollars. I had to be honest and tell that I work Vegas and don't make that much, you best stay with your family in Ohio. He got a proud smile and learnd that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the street.

Now I am not saying not to have dreams of being a magic star. Honestly I want everyone that reads these Blogs to be a star, but you can be a star in your own home town and work forever. Fact most big time magicians if seen on TV use up a hour's worth of magic and the public always wants something new and fresh. Story has it the first time Mark Wilson performed on TV he entertained more people in one night then Houdini did his whole career. Thats the power of TV.

What alot of you may not know is that many magician in Las Vegas first start out by actually paying the rent for a theatre. Then paying for a cast and crew (crew of course being union) then animals and handlers. This is not counting the $4000 a month for billboards or magazine ads. Ticket brokers and agents etc. etc. Then after you spend your money you might be lucky and get that big contract from a casino maybe.

My thought and even a reason why I left Las Veags is yes I would like to be known and famous but maybe one has to look at the Big Fish in a small pond thought verses a small fish in a big pond. So to all of you, think about how lucky you maybe in your town or city and make yourself a star there first before Vegas. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....unless you spend a few million to let people know what you do there.

Here is wishing a bright star for all of you both in performing and for this Holiday season..

Best Magical Wishes


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