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A Family Tradition Since.....

Here it is the Season of Magic and Gifts. Seems everyone has a sense of the Holidays even a transplanted Las Vegan. The warehouse even has stockings hanging with our whole crew's names on each one. My story I told you about last year about the Rodeo coming to Vegas each year at this time and there was no real Christmas Spirit there. Last year my first year in Fresno I worked on Christmas Tree Lane with Marching Bands and so much pride of this famous street in Fresno. This year is no different as I have filled my weekends with Holiday parties and now this year will have a lovely Holiday at home with my best gal and her family and a few friends. This is reason #47 why I left Las Vegas because all that shines is not always gold. So I hope for you a calendar of great shows and close times with love ones this season.

On to the begining of the New Year a fresh start for us all. If your one of those near us in Fresno on the West coast this is news. Hocus Pocus will be having its first Swap Meet on Jan. 20. Price if you want to sell stuff is $15.00 a table. So those North and South of Fresno its a Saturday all day event with Guest Lectures also. Lets say two really famous folks will be here. One from Las Vegas and one from LA. You won't be disappointed. Please call me and sign up for a table or just let us know that you wish to attend the selling and lectures. 1-800 407-4040. Great start of the New Year for new ideas, trick and inspiration, new props to buy. Heck just a chance to visit the place that serves your magic need and get to met the faces on the phone. Paul, Betty, myself will be your host and make it a magical day indeed. Also I will be starting Magic Classes again the week after the swap meet Thursdays( Jan 25th )for Adults and Saturdays (Jan 27) for the kids in the great Fresno area. Each session last 4 weeks so call me if wish to sign up. The classes have been a big hit.

Tony's Picks


Imagine creating the effect the big illusion of going thru a fan now done close up. From the mind of Devin Knight and John Moyer is Fandemonium. Now take the choose card routine one step further by putting your hand in danger. Thats right hae a card choose. Introduce the Sq. house fan and state that you will find there card if you wrong your fingers come of. Start the fan up to show it working, it real! Now cover the front to prevent blood and flying fingers as you choose one card and push your hand thru the moving blades. This is a visual effect with the right card choose and cit in half but your fingers are safe and sound. We have a liminted number of these fans so if your looking for the act that has something different this is it.


An effect that has been 3 years in the making from Bazar De Magi. A real watch (which it is ) and can be worn all the time. Your are ready to perform at any time a time prediction. Just take the watch off and hand it to a spectator. At this point watch can be set and you will know what time it is. You can do this even four times with each time being different. This comes to you with 17 different routines from the masteminds of Max Maven, Trevor Lewis, Rich Block Fantasio, Tony Binarelli and Anthony Blake. So here is a bit of mental magic that you will carry every where you go. It also has a one year warranty on it fine workmanship. Waht more can a buddy mentalist want.


Just in time for the winter season from Dan Kuniak, the chance to be able to create snowball magic. Telling a story how you saved two snowballs when you were a child. Showing a melted one then introduce a clear box with frost in it and cover it with a cloth. Then the cloth comes to life and is seen pulling you around only to have the snow ball appear on top of it. Perform what I would consider a snowball zombie like act only to have the ball vanish as you bring it to the crystal box that it was in. Then you fine that the snowball has vanish. Bring forth the first snowball in a test tube that has melted and pour it in and it changes to snow flakes. Pretty magic done cool.

Mark Wilson Color Changing Knives

Well what can one say of the "First Magician of Televison" Mark Wilson, I being one of his family of kids that watch him and got into magic because of him (Paul too!!). We are proud to bring you his version of the color changing knives. We have convinced Mark and lovely Nani to have this routine for our Hocus Pocus family of magi's. This is Mark's personal routine with knives like the classic "Sanders" ones. This includes a DVD with Mark teaching you all the fine points of his routine like only Mark can. A true classic which has taken Mark around the world and back several times is now shared to the magic community. Don't miss the chance to be touched by his style of magic and own a set which you will always use. It's on my Christmas wish list!!

Christmas Star

From my friend from over many magic conventions Dr. Magic from Las Vegas comes Christmas Star.
This is Doc's take on Forgetful Freddie only this time with a Christmas Tree and a Star. We include a great tear apart bag to vanish the star only to have it appear on top of the Tree again. Doc has given us only a few and here is something to think of. Doc is not about making money for himself. Funds from his items go to Candlelighters charity. So that is real Christmas spirit twice fold when you purchase one of these.

Tony's Tips

Well we have been talking about taking your show or act to the next level the past few weeks. Yesterday I get a letter from Kevin Burke sharing his ideas and good luck. So I am going to share his letter and a pic with all of you. I hope this inspires you. Take it away Kevin.......

Hi Tony,

I've been reading your advice about making it to the next level. To all that solid advice, I would add...Move YOURSELF to the next level, whatever you perceive that to be.

In my case, I had been doing comedy clubs for 15 years as a comic/comedy mentalist. When my daughter turned three, I wanted to give her a taste of showbusiness, so I put together a one-hour autobiographical theater show that could include her at the end. I pitched the idea to a local theater which just happened to be putting together it's New Plays Festival, and needed a light comedy to round out the bill. Perfect! We ran for six weeks to audience of no more than 20 people per show, but we had a blast together!

At around the same time, Rob Becker was looking to cast a replacement for himself in the road company of his hit one-man Broadway show "Defending the Caveman." Since both our shows have pro-relationship, pro-family themes, mutual friends who knew about my theater had suggested me for the gig. Rob gave me the job, and I've been performing the show for three years. On January 10, I'll be opening Caveman for an unlimited run at the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

My particular Vegas dream is about to come true, but it no one would have thought of me for the Caveman gig had I not put together that seen-by-only-20-people-at-a-time show in an obscure theater in Indiana. No one would have connected "Kevin Burke" to "theater." I was lucky, true, but I also made my own luck by moving myself to 'the next level' by re-positioning myself from a $15 per ticket comedy club act to a $25 per ticket theater act. The Caveman gig flowed from that because people were now thinking of me differently.

SO, my long-winded advice would be: Put together a show for your "Next Level". (It doesn't even have to be a good one...my theater show certainly wasn't.) Then, find a venue for that show. Local theaters are always willing to co-produce a show that costs them little-to-nothing. Rock your show and make sure people know about it. (Example: YOU, the reader, now know that I'll be doing Caveman in Las Vegas, don't you? ;-) Finally, explore the possibilities opened up by your new status.

It may surprise you what those opportunities turn out to be.

Kevin Burke

Thanks Kevin. You are what magic dreams come true are all about, that I talk about each week. I thank you for sharing this with all of us. When the show opens I hope you'll let us all know and send pictures and two tickets to you humble blog host...kidding. Please folks keep your eyes open for his show. Remember you heard it here first here before reading it in Magic or Genii.

See magic dreams can come true if you believe and work for them. Heck, Lance Burton was a act for years in the Folies Show at the Trop. Then he produced his own show and then got pick for the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino and got that 100 Million Dollar Contract. The first step is hard but even harder if you never make one. Choose what grass is greener and go for it.

Best Magical Wishes and Dreams Come True,

Tony Blanco


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