Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A New Year in just 13 Days.....

Howdy friends, as you may have already been told we are having our first annual Hocus Pocus Magic Swap Meet & Get-Together and it is only a few weeks away!

On Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 AM, we'll be hosting one fantastic day of magic, lectures, and more! If you are a Hocus Pocus Online Member residing in California or Nevada or if your on the road at the time, I am letting you know to attend and be a part of this spectacular event!

There will be a swap meet to buy and sell magic and at this time 3 scheduled lectures: Robert Baxt, Dick Barry, and TV's first family of magic, Mark & Nani Wilson! To attend the swap meet, it's absolutely free. To sell your magic it just cost $15.00 for a table. The lecture fee for all 3 lectures is $30.00. If you are traveling from out-of-town and wish to spend the evening, we have made special arrangements with a local hotel close to Hocus Pocus to accommodate you with special Hocus Pocus Swap Meet & Get-Together rates! Please call me toll-free at 800-407-4040 to get a table or hold your place for the lectures. We look forward to meeting the faces of the folks we chat with. My staff will be your host and if you need to get some magic while in town place your orders before you arrive so you can take it with you. We stock many items but somethings we need to get from our vendors. So plan ahead so you can save shipping charges. I personally will be on hand to help as well as get things going.

So if I forget I wish all of my readers a fantastic Holiday and a most magical New Year.

Tony's Pick

Miser's Dream DVD Chris Capehart

From time to time we get magic in and I review it and go great idea. Bewtween all of you last week calling in and I getting a chance to watch this DVD this is my Pick of the year!!! Here is a gentleman that knows about working. Watching Chris this past weekend I can only speak pride in his way of sharing years of knowledge of this classic effect. Chris has shared and will insipire you to get 12 half dollars and make magic. Chris has mention on this DVD that this routine has gain him repeat shows and made his name and now he shares this with you. Oh my gosh what more can you ask for in magic. A fun family routine that uses folks from the audience and makes tons of laughter also. Include in this DVD is his Miser's Dream routine as well as Coins across and One in the Hand. So as I said this is my Tony's PICK OF THE YEAR!!!!

Ultimate Floating Wand

Here is one that is the great opening to prove your worth as a magician. Start your show by making your magic wand from a box float up and out and the even around your body. This proves that the rest of your performance is going to be magical. This is a deal that I work to be a Hocus Pocus one of a kind item so trust me it a keeper for your show. It is in the tradition of magic a packs small and plays big. Great for close-up, parlor, and stage. It can be done at any time during your show. So it may be a limited time effect don't miss out.


From our good friend Peter Loughran comes Gravitate. This is going to be for you "Street Magic" folks the ultimate levatation. Imagine show a large cloth and then layi ng it on the ground. Then a block for your head and a block for your feet and you lay on top of them flat with about a foot below you. The blocks are removed and there you are floating above the ground with folks able to view underneth. This kicks magic up a notch for those who want a visual street type effect on the spot. Pre-order now for after the first of the year arrival to us. There is a on line video to watch this cool effect.

Matrix Mirror

A visual effect that would make ALICE go "What the Heck"! Showing a really good size mirror.
They can look at it and touch it from both sides.The performer then pulls a pliable cloth cover around the center of the mirror. The spectators can still see the mirror from the black cover both on the mirror's right and left-hand sides. The mirror is only covered in the middle. Now the magician shows a silk and presses it into the front slit of the cover and mirror andimmediately he pulls the silk out from the other side of the mirror. This is the first magical moment. Now the spectators notice that the cover begins to strech as something is moving inside the cover and suddenly the magician's hand appears on the front side of the cover and mirror! He moves hisfingers and pushes his arm forward a full 5 inches! It can be seen from both side The magician pulls his arm out from the mirror, pulls off the cover, and the middle section of the mirror is perfectly unharmed; it can be shown from both sides and the spectators can even touch it! Comes complete with its own custom padded transportation case and fully detailed and photographed instructions.

Star Trick

From our creative mentlist friends Larry Beck and Lee Earle. In this star struck world of movie star this effect is so timely. You start with a four-times folded 24" X 36" poster that has 576 unique photographs of public celebrities - all printed in gorgeous color on a brilliant paper that is incredibly tear-resistant. You slowly and deliberately unfold and show every square inch of the printed surface to an audience participant, who verifies that all 576 shots are indeed different. Now the kicker, he selects one of those icons as his secret star. Only now do you unfold the full poster so the entire audience can see that the hundreds of photos are really tiles in a mosaic becoming a work of art that depicts the participant's secret star! You can play it straight, as subconscious influence, or as a gag, "Who wants to read his mind?" No stooges, no pre-show work. No sleights, no electronics, no counting, no adding, no writing, no plastic baggies, and nothing to get between you and your audience! The selection itself is clean, clever, and diabolic as well as easy, direct, and logical! Lee Earle spent hundreds of hours creating this digital masterpiece both to honor an instantly recognizable star who transcends generations and to design a visually intriguing prop to support an engaging routine!

Tony's Tips

Well it has been a year (actually more) since I started working here at Hocus Pocus. I have seen some great magic effects and also some real duds. I won't mention the duds in case you actually own one and have made it work for your show. Here are the effects that I think transend magic and actually if your not using them in you should for your New Year of shows. It is going to be a list vs. descriptions. We still sell them and you can read about them on the website. So check my personal favorites as well as items that just keep selling every day. These would be my Tony's Picks for any show, some are Tricks, some DVD's, all great items

The Thing
Chico The Monkey
Bill Abbott Performs Close Up Magic
Wonder Pet
Any and all DVD's and Effects by Daryl

Misers Dream DVD
Magic With out Mayhem
Terry Hubert DVD's (he has two)
Dream Lock
Three Card Prince
Jeff McBride Teach In DVD's

Mrs. Brown's Cookies
Paul Daniels DVD's
The Borodin Books
Magic Any Time Any Where
Losander's Tables
Making Magic DVD

Magic of Trevor Lewis
Barry Mitchell DVD's

Floating Rose DVD
The collection of Greater Magic DVD's
Mark Wilson Coloring Changing Knives
Books and DVD's by Richard Osterlind
Max Maven VideoMind
Tivoli in Tivoliland
Wayne Dobson DVD
(notice I am stuck on DVD's)
No Tear Paper Pad's
Baxt Better Newpaper Tear
Baxt Naughty or Nice
Ultimate Pitch DVD Paul Rohmany
Entertainers Guide to working Cruise Ships
Any produced by Bob Kohler DVD
Bet your Bucks
Laser Anywhere

There are many more personal favorites but heck I don't want to give away all my show favorites...kidding. Any time you want just call or ask me at Hocus Pocus. Paul and I will be honest and tell you if it's great or a dud. So I hope that I have inspired you this past year. If you wish to share, you know where to write. Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

Here is also a personal thank you to all our vendor's that bust everything for us at Hocus Pocus to get you the great new items for your shows...Thank you all !! To my crew at Hocus Pocus thank you for so many reasons that I can't begin to mention. To all of you, Thank you for reading this blog each week, for shopping and trusting us with your magic career. Here is wishing all of you a wonderful Holiday season with your love ones. Hope you get all the toys you want and if you don't well I think I gave you a great shopping list for next year.

Magic and love to you all,

Tony Blanco

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