Tuesday, December 26, 2006


A Very Merry Time of the Year

At this point I bet your still eating Christmas left overs, still walking through gifts on your floor and showing off your new clothes today at work. Mine was a new watch and a wonderful knitted scarf from my sweet lady, Lisa. In a few days a New Year will be here. Time to think and plan for a New Year of shows & dreams to be realized. Planning ahead to create, produce, and have more fun then you did last year. There is a goal for you to set.

So as we are looking towards new magic items for you to use in your shows we are also producing the first Hocus Pocus swap meet, January 20th is the day! So far Paul and I are getting our favorite venders to be here. Folks from up and down the California coast are calling in to be here. Mark Wilson, Dick Barry, Robert Baxt and now Suds are polishing up their lecture notes to speak to all. It will be a day not to be missed. Its going to be alot of work. We are all looking forward to meeting all of you and see the faces of the folks we chat with on the phone each day. So please call and book your spot for either a table to sell you stuff or lock in your seat for the lectures. Call me direct and I will take care of your personally. Its just 3 weekends away.

Tony's Picks

Card Rap

From John Kaplan, the guy that gave us the Mind Reading Orange comes Card Rap. A wacky take on Monte Routine. imagine doing a hip version of a monte routine with an original musical soundtrack and catchy lyrics about the day you encountered the slickest "Monte" man in town!Comes with durable vinyl cards screen printed in 6.5" x 10.5". JUMBO size to be easily seen by large audiences. Step-by-step DVD instructions to make learn the fast pace comedy routine program almost immediately! You also get a bonus DVD of a live performance in front of a mixed family audience - see exactly how to perform it and hear the enthusiastic reaction professional routine audience-tested in thousands of performances since 1996.


Our good friend Wayne Dobson shares with us one of his pet effects $wop. For those of you that love great coin effects but don't have the skill of a David Roth...$wop is for you. Wonderfully made coins of American Quarters and Chinese coins for a quick reset type effect you will do all night from table to table. Even Paul mention for the price its a great effect with well made gaff coins. This effect is a traveling effect done right in the spectators hand. $wop also comes with machined Brass caps to help with the coins changing place. Not to be missed for the price and Wayne's most excellent routine.

Ghostvision Reload Pack

One of the most errie effects of 2006 has now been kicked up a notch. As I told you our Dexter used this effect to leave a lasting moment to all who visited his Seance during Halloween. If you don't know Ghostvision let me say it is a way to capture spirits on your camera phone. Now Andrew Mayne has come up with extra gimmicks to produce images of a Pentagram, Bleeding Handprint, Smoke Monster, Ghoul and footprints all on your camera phone. This effect is for those of you using the term "Street Magic" pure street scary. The Reload Pack only adds to the creative ideas from Ghostvision. Don't miss out on this hip and errie addition to a super effect.

2wo Faced DVD

When I first stared out packet tricks ruled! Names like Emerson and West, Ron Frost, Phil Goldstein were the guys coming up with clever packet effects. Back then cards were Aviator bridge cards (which made for looking like gimmick cards) since most folks knew only Poker cards. Now comes 2wo faced DVD with 11 killer effects. Along with the DVD are 20 Gaff cards for the effects all made in Bicycle Card Stock to blend so natural to the cards that you use everyday. If your a fan of packet effects don't miss out on this DVD. Some of the effects are inspired by the likes of the guys I have mention and now in the same guise of today's "Street Magic" magicians.

Turkish Delight

From our creative genuis friend Paul Romhany comes his take on the one ball, one cup routine. So cute in design is a small Fez that "your uncle gave you as a little boy from his travels around the world. Actually to tell all of you the truth Paul did have these handcrafted by a street vendor in the market places of his travels on cruiseships. So there itself is a story in itself from the great one that Paul provides on the DVD that comes witht effect. All is include in this routine that has served Paul around the world. A charming story, colorful props, and great finale...what more can you ask for in a close-up/trade show/restaurant routine.

Tony's Tips

This is my spot to share stories, give advice, have a rant (if like I ever do) and encourage all of you who have choosen magic as your life long passion. Here is something you may never put together. What is the differeance between a magic person and a sports fan? Actually nothing! Both have a passion for what is visually stunning. The magician looking to produce a magic moment and see the eyes of the spectators lit up. The Sports fan spending money to have a football jersey or jacket go to the game and scream and shout for his team.

Now as a magician I could only wish folks would have that much passion for a magic show. Having seen some of the top Las Vegas magicians work that passion has to be instilled to your audiences. Folks who come to a magic show but don't show up like crazed sports fans with make-up and big afro wigs. We always have to be there from the beginning for them. Imagine each of your shows as if it was there first. They never know what your going to do. So the element of surprise is always on your side. Each performance is a educational process also. Folks will either in life like classical music or not but everyone kindda know who Bach and Mozark were. Outside of the guys on TV, Copperfield, Blaine, Angel at this time the public will never remember your name, unless you make a lasting and educational name. I have always had folks say "Do you do tricks like the guy on TV?" I say " Which one?" Most of the time they can only remember the trick not the name.

So this coming year it is about "Your Name Here". Lets all work together to get the audiences to remember your name. Not the party they were at that had a magiciand he was good. Use you name over and over in your stories or effects. Now don't go third person and talk about your self as if your talking about someone else and its you. Thats just wierd like Ross Perot used to do, but get your name on everyones tongue in your show and when they go home they will have a reason to go to the phone book and look up your number when they need fine fun family entertainment. Always have Biz cards ready and give away flyers for the kids. I encourge you to make this coming year the year folks will know your name and book you more. Good Luck my friends for this the magical 7 year. You see in the other world of magic 7 is a mystic number. Why? Email me and I will share in my next blog if I have made you wonder.

"I am able to stand before you because of the ones that came before me and took a risk."

(Who said that quote?)

Best Magical Wishes to all of you and your loved ones this coming 2007

Tony Blanco

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