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The Magic of this New Year in Fresno CA.

We are all gearing up for what will be the really greatest event of the New Year of Magic. January 20th, the first annual Hocus Pocus Swap meet. This event is getting bigger by the days. Now Paul has gotten Shoot Ogawa to join the great line up of lectures. We have Robert Baxt, Suds, Dick Barry and in the evening Mark Wilson. This will be the time of your life sharing, selling and talking magic with your fellow pros.

We have so many folks that are going to make the pilgrimage to Fresno since we are so central in the state of California. So if you have time off that weekend please join us at 1492 North Clark. We are just off the McKinley exit on Highway 41. You would need to head west once off the exit and then a short drive on McKinley then a left on Clark and we are on the left side of the street. So I say please don't miss out on this first time event. I have always known that the first time is the most magical. We are happy to share with you this great meeting of minds. Trust me if this takes off we will have more events and maybe even our own convention. So make sure your part of the first. I personally look forward to meeting you I have talked to on the phone. Mickey, Barry, Tom, Max, Glen, John, George and many more.

Tony's Picks

In stock now and ready for shipping:

Flesh Wound
Bet Your Bucks

Thank You for waiting

Card Rap

From John Kaplan, the guy that gave us the Mind Reading Orange comes Card Rap. A wacky take on Monte Routine. Imagine doing a hip version of a monte routine with an original musical soundtrack and catchy lyrics about the day you encountered the slickest "Monte" man in town!Comes with durable vinyl cards screen printed in 6.5" x 10.5". JUMBO size to be easily seen by large audiences. Step-by-step DVD instructions to make learn the fast pace comedy routine program almost immediately! You also get a bonus DVD of a live performance in front of a mixed family audience - see exactly how to perform it and hear the enthusiastic reaction professional routine audience-tested in thousands of performances since 1996.

Tipper Monkey

From our good friend Bruce Kalver comes his pet Tipper the Monkey. This is Bruce's smart way of making tips for a clever monkey that makes a comic moment that makes your performance a magic moment. This way folks may tip more as you make balloons or perform magic at there table. All the time under your control! Tipper smiles, Claps his hands and makes you more in tips. Bruce has design and perfected a robot monkey that will enhance your few moments with a spectator. This is what magic is about memories. Tipper does this and more. Included is Bruce's own notes "How a monkey made me 75.00. So don't miss getting one we only have a few in stock.

World Renowed Magic of Paul Potassy DVD Set

Once again Hocus Pocus has featured something you won't get anywhere else ...The Magic of Paul Potassy. Now on this DVD collection you get over 65 years of knowledge and wisdom that is only Paul Potassy. Paul has performed in over 45 countries and that also means for heads of states and even the Pope. Here now is the magic that one entertainer has made a life time career and a name with! This is your chance to tap into a mind of a working pro for over 65 years and have wisdom and knowledege. Check out all that is offered on the website on this series.

Moby Deck

Here comes a comedy effect that is crafted by a true master of metal work. Imagine offerering a deck of cards that measures about a couple of pounds when dropped on a table. This deck is machined to look and feel like a real deck of cards. This deck is a great final for many card effects and then give the audience a one two punch when the deck is a solid piece of metal. This is the finish you have been looking for in your close-up show.

Bruno Copin

Now here is a name of a performer that Paul and other dealers have been chasing for over a year from France to sell his ideas to us in the USA. We have now got the rights to sell the DVD's and Products of this creative Frenchman. It has been a year in the making to bring you the magic of Bruno Copin. We are offering DVD's and his invisible system for making objects come to life. Check out the HP website under his name in product search . This is why you shop at Hocus Pocus as we try to be the first to welcome new ideas to the magic world. Here is a name I honestly think you need check out for all of his creative ideas. It was said to me We (americans don't hold the blueprint to creative ideas) So read each item attach to the name of Bruno Copin and you make the choice!!!!!

Tony's Tips

Well I do hope you get to visit us at our swap meet. If you have never been to one its a special treat in magic. A regular magic convention you get to chat with the vendors and see demo's of the products. At a swap meet it could be like shopping at a flea market and January White sale. Something you see on a table and your not sure if you want it. Well it will be to late when you get back to that table because you know it will be gone. During a swap meet, great one of a kind items get sold really quickly. I recommend also bringing cash for fast deals when you find them. Like in those movies about the American tourist in some arab market place, a little haggling with someone selling is actually welcomed, if you have cash.

At our event bring your camera's and notebooks for you don't want to miss your chance of taking a photo with some of our famous guest. Notebooks and tape recorders also so you don't miss a word from our lectures. Its been said many times "if you walk away with one idea its worth any expense. For our price of 5 Lectures now, for only 30.00 your should walk away with a book full of ideas.

You will get to meet fellow magicians, make new friends, make connections that will last you a lifetime. I have been lucky to meet my magic hero's at a magic convention and then share and get feed back from them over the years on the phone before internet and make life long friends. So for your magical career don't miss this event that Paul and I have work hard to bring magical folks together. This is something Paul as well as me work for in our career, to inspire your act. I personally look forward to sharing a moment with Mark and Nani as I grew up watching them. I have chatted with Nani on the phone for the products we sell from them and getting them to come to visit us for this event. So I hope that you get to make a magic moment. It will be a moment you don't want to miss. You will not want to miss those moments when we all can share war stories of gigs and sit down and know that we are not allow in what we do to make a living at what we enjoy as our choosen career.

I hope to see you all soon for our swap meet

Best magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco


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