Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Creation of an new act or a new life style

What I wish to chat about I hope are the years that I have learned from the school of hard knocks. Heck if I didn't find magic I could be selling fries at McDonalds or being a lawyer. The choice I made was one from the heart. What I do each day for a living is from the heart. If it was about the money I would have never done anything that I have done for 35 years of being a entertainer. So how fast the times have changed with the internet. So this weekend my lovely lady, Lisa got me hooked up with http://www.myspace.com/ . Now to look at the big picture this is a free service where everyone can chat and promote themselves. If your not part of this I recommend you do become part of it. Heck it doesn't cost you a dime. You can promote your shows and appearance and build a fan base. Heck you can direct folks to you "free website". My myspace is http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=40572549 This is a tool that rock stars, actors and many more tell there fans where they are performing so don't miss your chance for a free PR fan base to post your shows. Thank you Lisa, Sting, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Mike, Kozak, Eddie Izzard, Marina V, and so many others who are my new best friends in this cyber world.

Don't forget sign up for our next lecture Mark Mason.

Tony's Picks.

Well, we have been a busy gathering the newsest hottest items to the HP website. This week here are some folks that Paul and I have gathered to Hocus Pocus for your magic dreams to come true.

Miser's Delight

Here is a way to kick the D'light up a notch. When we saw this at our swap met, we knew we immediately we had to offer it to you. Introducing a Miser's Dream so unique and different, you'll never want to put it down. You'll love performing the Miser's Delight! Start by showing a simple paper lunch sack completely empty. Produce a light from your fingertips and throw it towards the bag. SNAP! The audience sees the lights fall into the bag one by one in a zig-zag fashion until they hit the bottom. This is repeated 9 more times until there is a total of 10 lights inside the bag. The bag is completely full of lights! How cool is that! Suitable for just about any type of performance you can think of from children's shows to large stage venues; the Miser's Delight fits the bill! The Miser's Delight comes to you complete with everything needed to perform, including specially constructed "delightful" lunch bag, D'lite, and detailed instructions. Dont miss out on this one time event to own one.

Houdini's Style Straight Jacket

We are always working here at Hocus-Pocus to find the coolest stuff for the working pro. This is a straight jacket the looks and works just like Harry Houdini himself would use. We have found a maker that reproduced the look and feel of those days of escape artist and magical moments. A well crafted and something I am going to be proud to own. So honestly so should you. I really have a love for things well made if I can not make it myself. So when I spend my bucks and don't make it myself then you better know that its well made.

Monte Gras

From our newest best friend the one and only Harry Anderson. He has released to us one of his pet routines Monte Gras. This is his take on the 3 Card Monte with a New Orleans twist. Harry personally makes each of these and they are number that he made them. So if you never use it, it will then be a collectors item. If you have ever seen Harry perform it on Saturday Night Live, or the Tonight Show or live in performance you know how much work goes into his 3 Card Monte act. We are honor that Harry has choosen Hocus-Pocus to release this effect thru us. Thank you Harry and look forward for more stuff soon from you.

Mix & Mingle

Sean McCree is one of England's top close-up workers. For over 20 year he has worked in Pubs creating magic effects that have become his trademark routines. Most of these effects without close-up pads or the use of a table. Watching his DVD this impressed me! That's what walkaround is about. He has on his DVD over 3 hours of stuff that working magicians will learn and use. No Fluff and easy to learn! Stuff that a worker would say "Gee I wish I thought of that". Here is a worker sharing the real world magic that has made him a living. Most of us will never be known like Copperfield or Angel or Blaine but if we are workers and are working that is the most important thing in the world we live and work in. Sean has done just this and shares his tricks of his trade with you!!!!


From John Archer the guy behind the hit DVD set of Educating Archer and Blindfold Tips comes Collard. John has taken an effect of a prediction to new comedy heights. You now have a spectator join you on the stage and draw their attention to the dog that has been sitting at the other side of the stage and especially the collar that he or she is wearing. They will see that the collar already has a name on it…impossibly; it matches the previous randomly selected name exactly. This is just the bare bones of the routine though as you will see once you have witnessed John Archer’s high-energy performance, you will receive detailed written instructions to accompany the custom manufactured gimmicks. The beauty of Collard is that it can be worked in parlour and cabaret situations, stage performances, and also kid’s shows! This routine really is the ultimate in creative thinking, superb routining and a premise that proves that stuffed toys are not just for children If you like good, direct, entertaining and funny presentations accompanied by strong Magic and Mentalism; you will absolutely love Collard. A video is on the website to see this great routine.

Tonys Tips

Tonight its a quick chat about getting work. Remember we are the keepers of knowledge and secrets. The thumb tip, the double lift, the pass, the palm. We work hard to make things look like normal. So with the advent of something like myspace and blogs you should be able to link your name all over the world. It does come down to what type of work you can get. I have noticed already that agents as well use myspace to book shows. So check this thing out. Its kind'da cool and fun but, can make you money and it doesn't cost you a dime.
Every blog I write about new creation I recommend from creative minds that comes to us a Hocus Pocus. I spend alot of time chatting with these new inventors for your shows. I am someone that looks at what you the worker needs. Talk to me and tell me, what you do. I am happy to share with my readers. That's it plan and simple. Tell me what you need. I am a friend, I am a worker. Then I will be able to create for you!

Yours magically,
Tony Blanco

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