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The Magic of Hocus Pocus

Well gang, we are on the way since we moved to our new location. Paul is now able to bring not only a swap meet but now the best in the magic biz lectures. This week I had the honor to present Bob Sheets. First off a true gentleman and a lover of magic. This was self-evedent in his over 3 hour lecture. This is a guy who holds magic true to his heart and wants to share the magic for those who also want to entertain. I have seen many lectures, and Bob was just the most honest and caring to share his knowledge and tricks. At no time was this a "Dealer Show". Bob is a one off! His caring to share is how magic is going to inspire the next generation of magicians. Each person was touched to learn and understand that we are lucky to be able to do what we do. Thank you very much Bob for sharing your knowledge and talents. I was humbled to learn his mystic ways and his zen like outlook to magic. I am so glad that he was able to stop by Hocus Pocus and spend time with over 30 of our local magic folks. If Bob is in your area don't miss this truly loveable magic person. He will teach you so much. So run, don't walk to see his lecture . Thank you Bob for all you did for our locals and for you humble host.

Tony's Tip


The fastest selling magic effet that I have seen here at Hocus-Pocus since I started here. This is a effect that will make you look like a true magi. Traditional a ring flight effect is all about the ring in a key chain or even a tiny shoe in your back pocket. Now imagine it on your shoelace of your shoe. Thats's right the spectators ring on your shoe. This is one for those of you who think like "street magic". This is one for those of you who know real magic on the spot. Little prep work and you have a magic miracle. Now think smart and join the folks who have been buyingup this effect left and right within the last few days. If I tell you we have sold a hundred in a few days don't think I am a pulling you leg. You know a good thing when its hot and you all call and get one so don't miss out.


Now here is one presented by our good friend Bob Kohler from the creative mind of Scott Alexander. Here is taking the standard cut and restore routine kicked up 5 notchs. Imagine never ever again to buy rope! That's right never ever again to buy replacement rope to do this classic effect. Scott has created a laugh packed routine that has been time tested on his many cruise ship shows (which is featured on the DVD that comes to you ) to prove this is pure entertainment for the price. This is a effect that youwill carry with pride in your bag of tricks instead of a bundle of rope that you have to replace after each show. Each rope i am told by Bob takes a day to make. Bob is caring to make sure that every magician that uses this will be proud. It one that you will be happy and glad you perchased. For the price you will save so much money in the long run of your career.

Itty-Bitty Car

Since the concept of a car to find the choosen car there have been many verisons. Our good friend Dick Barry has worked out the best version I personally think. This version everyone can afford. I only wish I thought of his idea first. His concept comes in the form of a road trip with a card that the spectator chooses to be the travel spot to go to and the car finds your spot. You use plain cards and the spectator writes the city and signs the card and magically when the car travels across the cards it skids and stops on the choosen city. Again for the price you will be silly to miss this one for your bag of tricks.

Psychic Carnival

From Hocus Pocus creative and wacky inventor Jay Leslie comes Psychic Carnival. First off a visual stage look are balloons. Folks know and love balloons. 4 balloons and 3 Spectators with a enevelope in each balloon. Having the spectator break a ballon with different color darts and the message in the envelope days what color the dart will be and the magician still ends up with the cash payoff. There are many varations of this effect. I know Jay and he spend soooo much time on the DVD to tell you all the ways you can perform this effect to make it a shining moment in yur show. He has kept this routine to himself for over ten years for his top clients. He now shares this most covented secret to all. Don't miss out on a routine that will make you look like the magic that you want to be.

I.C.E. Coins

Would you believe it if you didn't see it (video to see on the website) a coin the turns clear and a lump of silver is in you hand. This is a visual killer effect! Then you can also perform it in other ways. A clear circle turns to silver in one hand and then a clear disc in the othe hand. What more can you ask for in a visual effect. Here is a effect that the likes of David Roth, Bobo, and many other coin guys would go, Oh my God, thats cool! Its made very well and comes in different coin styles. Don't miss this one !

Tony's Tip

Well as I travel here in my new home of Fresno vs. Las Vegas...I again have to say I am glad I made the move. After looking at 30 plus years in magic (37 to be exact), I now can look at the years of prep to be able to walk on a stage and take charge. We have to know how to be incharge when we get hired. I work for alot of housewives want to be PR people. This is not be rude but know that you are hired to be the star of the show. If you let them tell you how it goes and you have to change too much that you have created then your show will fail. Last night I did a school gig (hence not writing last night) I was treated like a star. The stage was set for a show for 500 people. No way was I going to fail!! I was ready to do my show from Las Vegas for the town of Clovis, CA. For a mother-son night out at a school. This is a concept new to me and this is the 2nd one of these I have done since moving here. Only in California, I say.

Well to say that the gig went well would be a understatement, it went great!! I was surprised by the folks who pulled it together. My first impression was a bunch of housewives that were going to dress up a room with paper decor and hope for the best. Well these folks were like a Vegas stage crew. Either way I still made my point clear in what I needed in regards to lighting and sound. Which never happends when I tell them. So I was surprised twice fold in the professional way that this gig turned out.

So what is my tip and point tonight. Getting ready for the worse. Prepare for the worse. Be surprised if you get all that you ask for. We know that every school show or VFW event or local fund raiser is never going to be as profesional as we hope. Yet we better look more then they expect. If they turnout to be on the same level (or page as you think), all the better. At no time should you depend on the sponser for sound system, the proper lights, or an audience. Just focus on your show. Get a signed contract (so you get your fee no matter what) and get there and kick it.

I was honored last night to perform for such a great crowd. This is your goal too. Make all the problems vanish before your show. I was lucky this time as I really didn't do more then book the show. Next time I will make sure all my set ups will be ready by the folks in charge. I did tell this show group what I needed and they did actually have it ready, but remember you need to tell that to each and every booking you make. Don't always expect a sound system or lights. Always be ready for the worse and then be surprise for the best. Last night was the best I could ask for.

Best Magical Wishes

Tony Blanco

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