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The Magic of Valentine's Day

OK, here we go on another theme type blog. So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the day of love. So what is the point of the theme tonight. Love and Passion! We have choosen to be magicians, so we must love what we do. Many motive speakers speak of the passion that you must have to achieve your goals. So why not think that love and passion in work is the reason to win in your chossen career. We care to entertain people so we love and care for what we do. So let chat about that

This weekend we had a video crew come in from our local newspaper and film my boys of the magic class. They showed me the love of the things that I taught them when I asked them to show there best tricks to the crew. They shined and looked great. This could be the door to make them a star here in Fresno. This is going on the website of the Fresno Bee in about 3 weeks or so. The magic and love of their performances showed that they are learning and love what they do. Thats it, that simple. To love what you do you give it life and these kids looked like they love to learn and in turn I feel loved for teaching them the magic that I have learned over these years. When I get a disc of the day or get a link I will share it with all of you.

Tony's Tips

Each week I share tricks and books and DVD's that I love that I think you will to will love for your audiences.

Zoom, Bounce and Boom

My good friend Jeff McBride shares some of his best routines that have made him a "Star". Jeff has been doing his card act for years. This part of his act is pure magic and also lots of skill. He nows tips all the moves of his card final. Watching him make cards zoom into the audience and bounce off the stage is not only magic but amazing skill. This DVD is a must to own for all the knowledge and skill the Jeff has worked out. This DVD breaks down all the moves and give credit where credit is due to the gods that inspired Jeff's act. Plus you will see Jeff in action move by move teaching you how he created this famous act that has taken him around the world and has made him a magical legend.

Tesla Vision

In regards to the great electronic genius Tesla comes Tesla Vision by James Biss. James is on his way of become the next Tesla in regards to the way he thinks in electronic magic. James has come up with a very clever method for producing a cue for the magician. Having found a great device to have your helper cue you to what the spectator is either thinking or what their have picked is what Tesla Vision is all about. This is the ultimate in cueing devices so don't miss out in having one of these.


Clever title from Wayne Dobson at 40 years young. Wayne has been and still is the young star of British magic. This book is some of his clever rountines as well as a Bio of his life. This book not only contain's his bio "Star Struck" but also contains 40 of his best routines. Mark Mason says that "Wayne deserves a spot in magic history for all of the great ideas that he has created." This book will be here at HP at the end of the month and I have my copy already resereved and so should you. I have chatted many times withhim and I know that magic is his love and passion and know that its an honest love that you will learn from.


From the production company of Paul Harris comes Ladybug. This is a must for all you "street magic" guys. Paul has produced a clever concept of a drop or your blood that changes into a ladybug. Simple to say but magical to see. Imagine a knife to your finger a drop of blood that change to a ladybug. Thats magic! At no time are you or the ladybug harmed. Then can reset in 30 seconds with another ladybug. You are supplied with all. Yes a way of getting a hundred lady bugs which I am told you can get at any Home Depot garden spot. Clever and magical and image making for your act.

Maynia DVD

From the creative mind of Andrew Mayne comes a DVD of his newest magical stunts.again taking the street magic them to the max. Andrew blows your mind with 5 stunts that are not only visual but again image making for the camera and your audience. Andrew keeps coming up with ideas that are visual and make magic come alive for the spectator and blows them away in the long run. Pop Fist, Drawn from the light, Death Finger, Finger Saw, Stab'd are the effects on this DVD that Andrew teaches you in his clever way. Everything is simple to learn and always safe to perform even if it looks deadly. Best get for this year so far. Andrew never ever fails to just rock my world in his clever ideas. You will learn and be gratful for his wisdom of creating and teaching you.

Tony's Tips

So on this Valentine's Eve what is love and what is magic. One could look at the love of parents teaching their child. One could look at look at the day we realized what is magic in our lives. Why we choose to be magicians. This is a love of our craft the we gain love from our audiences. We work hard producing, paying for overnight shipping for a show that we hope the audiences will love what we do. Think about his, I know I get very moody in talking about a career that has given me must love and pleasure ever time I perform. I have told many a girlfriend that you will always be my second girlfriend and she would ask "Who is First" I say "Magic". To be able to do what you love in life is Magic. If magic is what youlove to do then you are actually twice lucky. To make spectators love you for what you do and love what you do ..... thats magic. To be part of a brotherhood of folks like Houdini, Blackstone, Kellar, Wilson, Henning, Copperfield, Blaine, Angel that means you are also part of magic history. Ever if you perform in a world that is not TV or Vegas your are magical in your hometown and yes loved by those who watch you.

In the real world we can't always be the next magcial star on TV or in movies but if you are in a star in your hometown...hey that enough. I remember guys coming up to me when I worked Las Vegas saying" How do I get you job". I am the big guy in xyz, Ohio. I asked "How much do you make in XYZ, Ohio". 9 out of 10 times it was more then I was making in VEGAS. I said "Stay in Ohio and enjoy the love and magic and money there"! So remember the grass is always greener somewhere else, but the money is always better at home. Now you have found out reason 56 why I left VEGAS. There are about 89 reason why I left Vegas for Frenso. Reason number one.....To be loved for what I do and my choosen craft that I love.

Ok is that enought magic and love for a night before Valentine's Day

Well last time I ask you to send your stories and ideas for this blog. I will give you full credit and the love that you knowledge deserves. I can only ask so long to hear from those that read this blog each week. Heck I can stop writing each week and may do so. Let me know if I should or if you can spare and idea or theme. P.S. Tell the ones important in your life that you love them today or at least say to them that they are important in your life and your glad that they are in your life. It is magic to the regular folks who don't know the power of magic. Give a call to a old friend today know that magic of life.

Thank you

Best Magical Wishes


My love, Lisa and I at the Swap meet.

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