Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Where is the Time going?

It continues to be a great journey moving to Fresno. Since moving here time has flown by. The bookings are been coming in. Even seeing tours of big names passing thru Fresno is as impressive as living in Las Vegas. Just recently I have been named the offical magican for our Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Such an honor again would not come in Las Vegas without paying for the title. So I guess the time here has been good. I am actually getting alot of repeat shows this year also. A few things coming up soon I will love to share with all of you. I am in production for another Biker show and this time with Biker Babes as my on stage talent. I never had showgirls in Vegas! Now in Fresno I have a crew of Biker Babes to float or cut up, too funny. Anyway back here at Hocus Pocus we are getting ready for our next lecture. This time from England master performer and magic dealer Mark Mason. So those of you in the California area ( or if your passing thru) on Monday, April 16th, 2007 ~ 7:00 P.M. he will be here at Hocus Pocus. Tickets are $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door. Please call me to lock in your seat for the event. This will be another event not to be missed.

Tony's Tips

Towel Folding

Now having been a Origami person from my days back in NY these two DVD's have caught my eye. In many ways to be a magician means always being magical. Lately magicians perform in many different places. So just think of yourself on a cruise ship or a pool party, taking a towel and folding and twisting it into a Swan or Elephant. Even a seal balancing a ball on the nose. This is such a clever new act for the clever magican that knows when and how to make use of sucha skill. This is a two DVD set with so many tips, ideas, and routines that again will make you look so cool at an event. Also feature is the long sought after how to make a Wedding or Birthday Cake that make a spectacular gift your will be remembered for. Again a must for your talents to have at the right moment and time.

Endless Rose

Endless Rose, a brilliant rose magic effect, was created by Horace Ng. Inside a vase, there are 6 beautiful roses. One of them is red and the rest of them are yellow. Pick up the red one and pluck the rose away. However, no matter how many times you pluck the rose away, the rose keeps reappearing on the stem again and again. Dramatically, with a magical gesture, the red rose changes its color to yellow. Finally, all the roses in the vase change to yellow rose! This is such a simple act to perform and has a lovely appeal to all. It can be done close-up to stage.

Roger Reeves Benson Bowl Routine

Here is a classic of magic that has been packaged from Roger Reeves. This is a act that has been around since the 1950's created by Roy Benson. It has been the featured act of many magicians such as Frank Garcia, Don Alan. Now it can be yours because of the right props that are supplied as well as a teach in DVD of the performance by Roger. Once you learn the few moves your will have a time tested routine that will show off your great skill as a magician for the rest of your career.

Redefine Magic/ Jeremy Pei
Eternal Ropes

One of our customers from Asia has come forth to share with us all his line of magic that has made him a star. Jeremy Pei's company is Redefine Magic and is now producing a fine line of card, rope, paper effects. To see the workmanship and clever ideas from him are amazing. Type in product such either Redefine Magic or Jeremy Pei to see what I am talking about. His first big hit is an act he call Eternal Ropes. This is an award winning routine that was inspired by the rope routines of Tabary, Flip, Daryl and James Lewis. Jeremy puts together a custom gimmick rope set to perform 3 complete routines (all explained in a detailed instructional DVD).The
Competition Rope Act - A dynamic fast paced routine suitable for platform and stage performance. The Eternal Ropes - A slow paced graceful routine for platform and stage performance. Professor's Supreme Remix - A close-up routine and variation on the classic Professor's Supreme Rope set. This is a great item to have in your bag of tricks ready to go at anytime.

Limited Edition Redefine Rings

We are honored to sell possible the best Linking Rings ever made. Jeremy has created Linking rings that are perfectly balanced in stainless steel construction. The set comes to you in a very wonderful Asian style carrying case, 12inch rings 8 ring set with seamless construction. If you are a linking ring performer you will be very proud to have a set of ring s made this will and look so great on stage with you. This will be a product that we will have only for a very short time so if your interested don't wait. I can't say how long we will get these in as it takes some time for them to be made. A true magical prop from Jeremy Pei and Redefine Magic.

Tony's Tips

Well tonight it is with great honor that I have a guest for Tony's Tip. Sharing a tip with us tonight is my friend and boss Paul Gross. Paul is going to share one of his pet routines that he has performed for over 15 years. Take it away Paul. Thanks Tony. Well this is a routine that I created from the classic Nielsen Vanshing Coke Bottle, but any of his fine bottles will work for this routine. Making this routine either family friendly or for an adult crowd. Just depends on which bottle you use. I will explain this routine with the Coke bottle as I perform it. First you will need a Vanishing Coke bottle, a tiny coke bottle ( the size the you would find in novelty stores or even on key chains) and a 6 foot appearing straw and 2 paper bags.

First put the Vanishing coke bottle in one bag. Then the straw and "tiny coke bottle" in another bag and crush up this bag. Now your set, lets begin the act. You now go thru the routine of the Vanish of the Coke bottle from the bag. Show the bottle in the bag and take it out and state how your going to vanish it. Place it back in the bag and turn the bag over grabbing the bottom of the bag holding the bottle to stay inside. Ladies and Gentleman its gone! Turn the bag over and now produce it again "It's back!" Yes the audience will groan. Now you do the actual vanish by placing it back in the bag and crush the bag and throw it behind your table. At this point you ask the audience "Would you like to learn how its done?" Now bring out the crushed bag with the tiny coke bottle and straw. Undo the bag and bring out the tiny coke bottle. You explain to the audience the that tiny bottle is actually a balloon. During the act you let the air out of the balloon so that shinks so that you can crush the bag up. The only problem is the straw that you have to use to blow the balloon up with. At this point reach into the bag and pull out ( slowly) the 6 foot appearing straw. Once fully out of the bag give the straw a hard bounce on to the stage and let it bounce a bit showing that it is solid.

This has been a killer effect that get lots of laughs and gasps when you pull out the straw. Don't miss the chance to add all your comedy bits when doing the first part of the vanish of the Coke bottle. This has served my show very well and I hope it will yours. We can get you all the props here at Hocus Pocus except for the "tiny bottle". For paper bags I recommend you get them in bulk at Costco type places. I hope all of you will give this a try.

Thank you Paul very much for such a great routine. I know its going to be something I am going to add to change the way I do the Vanishing Nielsen Bottle routine in my show and I hope you try it too.

Best Magical Wishes
Tony Blanco

Hi, Tony -

Good to talk to you the other day. The Endless Rose already arrived.
Works much as I imagined and is none the worse for that! A nice routine for Spring!

I wanted to say, too, that I enjoyed your Blog this week and especially Paul's routine. Lots of fun.

A quick thought on the Neilsen Bottles that I learned years ago from Lloyd Jones was to glue a very large washer (just less than the diameter of the
bottle) to the bottom of the bottle. This does two things. It prevents their tendency to tip over easily, and it makes a nice, satisfying "thunk!" when the bottle is set down which heightens the illusion.

The only down side is that you have to be careful throwing away the wadded up paper bag so IT doesn't make a nice, satisfying "thunk!" when it's tossed away! But other than that...

Take care and perhaps I'll see you at Mark mason's lecture.

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