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A Little Spring Magic Cleaning

This past week has found me finally able to dig out boxes (still unpacking from the move) from Las Vegas. I am still setting up my workshops, one in the garage and one in the bedroom for sewing and paper magic. This past Friday night was a Sweet 16 party. The evening was wonderful for this outdoor event. It was held at the home of the promoter of the biker event I have done. This was his niece Sammy. The kids being 16 were hip, yet still were open to the magic and everyone found something for them in my show. Each kid pointed something different out that they liked so that was pretty cool. I have some photos to share on the end of this blog.

Just to remind all of you in the CA area that our next lecture is on April 16 with Mark Mason. We are so proud to have a performer and dealer/creator of magic visit us. So now is the time to give me a call and sign up for his lecture 1-800-407-4040. Those attending make sure you bring your funds as Mark will have some great effects for you to purchases. I say this in a modest way, you see I love English Magic and Mark will have effects that are not seen in the USA as well as humor that is different from ours. This will give you a new take on entertainment for your audiences.

Tony's Picks

Silk Thru Head

Here is one for all you guys and gals that are into " Street Magic", Silk Thru Head. I have noticed that those hip hop kinda guys that wear knit ski caps even in the middle of summer would love this magic effect. I would not be surprise if Blaine or Angel latch on to this one, and if they don't they have missed out on a truly visual effect. Wearing a ski cap you the magi introduce a silk with a ring on one end. You then start to actually push it thru the hat and your head, only to come out of the other side of the hat and your head. Yes it's that visual and yes that's "street magic" impressive. So, check out the on line video.

Shark Chopper

From the creative world of Wolf 's Magic, comes Shark Chopper. Chance has done it again with his wonderful craftsmanship and art work to take a finger chopper even further. His workmanship the use of fine materials makes this a collectors piece of magic. We are honored to have a limited, and I mean limited number of these Shark Choppers. It a finger chopper bottom line but its themed with a shape of a shark and will last you a life time and is worth collecting as it is "Wolf's Magic". Need I say more? Grab them up and add it to you collection.

Imperial Botania

The concept of producing a Botania of Flowers on stage goes way back in magic history by the likes of Houdini, Thurston, Kellar, Blackstone and many more. These are the finest feather flowers that have been made in a long time. We have purchase as many as we can get for this low price to share with the magic family of Hocus Pocus. Even Paul say "These are so wonderful for the price we could be charging so much more but we can pass the savings to everyone". If you are the type of magi that loves to hear your audiences go "ahhhhh" then this is for you. Well made and again will last a life time. If you love color and visual magic in your show this Botania is for you.

Alan Watson 7 Secrets

From Canada's creative magical talent Paul Romhany he shares with us all the creative talent of Alan Watson. Alan is a man that knows about marketing. Heck he has said that in one year he give out over 70,000 business cards and does not pay for any of them. That's marketing! Alan shares his tips on this DVD to get you work! He has been a regular performer in New Zealand for many years. On this DVD are the marketing types that have made him a star in his country. So why would you not want his ideas and passion to get work? We just have to thank Paul for interviewing Alan to share his knowledge and wisdom for the rest of the magic family.

CD Slicer

From our new young talent Jay Mattioli comes CD Slicer. This is Jay's take on the finger chopper done with a CD and the envelope that holds the CD. With a sticker placed on the CD that the spectator writes their name or initials on it. Then it is placed half way back in the envelope. The spectator sticks their finger in the center of the envelope and then the CD is placed in then pushed right thru the finger and the folder. That visual and same CD and no one is hurt with something everyone knows and can see it is the same CD .

Tony's Tip

Tonight I am honored to have a special guest for all of you. She is a close personal friend that is actually here as I write tonight's blog in my home. Her name is K.D. Younger, a known name if you read our HP chat room posts or even from the School of Scoundrels chat room. K.D. is from the Orange County area of California. She has been creating a show that takes the form of the old medicine shows. Now, of course you will say "that this is not what I do", but actually this is the magic and marketing that we actually strive for in our shows. It's the pitch and the selling of our act to get repeat work. So now my friend K.D Younger will chat with me about creating a show and persona tonight.

Tony: So K.D., What is it that you think of when creating a show or a persona?

K.D.: Well, for me it all starts with a persona. Once I decide on the persona I am portraying, I then build the act to fit role.

Tony: So if you're now doing a old fashion persona, what do you do or not do in your show? Where do you draw the line between certain magic effects?

K.D.: An effect has to be timeless. There can be lots of effects that seem to be trendy which would not fit the period of the character. I would not do an effect that currently you would deem as "Street magic" aka Blaine or Angel. I hold fast to the traditions of the barkers, and pitchmen before me. My show focus is on my character as a medicine show hustler. I pitch "Aunt Hattie's Miracle Magic Elixir". All of the magic I do is to prove the magic of the Elixir or the profits you save by purchasing it. That is the pitch and the con or comic entertainment in the show. In reality, all I am selling are empty bottles with a great looking period label from the era.

Tony: What is the type of audience you are working for? What are you going for in your show?

K.D. Well I work for the family crowd, "children of all ages" as in the famous pitch like one would hear a circus ringmaster say. In this way, I get to make (or hope to make) everyone like what I am going to perform. This pitch is not always to sell the Elixir or Snake Oil but to sell my performance style. This and this alone is what is the most important when any performer is on stage. Whether your Copperfield, Blaine, Angel, Wilson or Houdini. It is always about being a showman in that performer. The audience has to like the persona that you are creating in your show or style or presentation.

Tony: Thank you for all your insight . One last question, Do you think a show is driven by the trick or driven by the person? Do you create the show or the persona first?

K.D. It is always driven by the persona if not, you are then just a magician doing tricks. The way the audience relates to you, even if its not a persona you are, but it is a extension of who you are. This persona is not you 24 /7 but is a part of your creation of the magic you wish to show.

Well, K.D, thank you so much for sharing your insights and knowledge and talent with my readers. This among other reasons is why I call you my friend. I hope my readers will benefit from your wisdom.

Chat with you all next week
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till next time magically,
Here are the photos I promised

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