Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring is in the Air, Time to plant New Ideas

So for the first time in a long time, Fresno has broken a weather record with temps in the 80's today. Normally its in the 50/60's so I guess with pushing the clocks up a hour earlier Spring is on its way early too. So now is the time if not to sooner to plan for those summer gigs as well as new birthday shows or school shows for the end of the season. This has been a great adventure for me, I am now for the first time in a long time getting repeat bookings. So after years of living in Vegas doing the same show day after day I need to up date my act. Luckly I have gathered so much stuff I could never use in Vegas that now I can. My career started first to combine magic and storytelling back in the mid '70s. So now to travel back down the path made me happy and got me where I am today and finally get to do what I wanted. Look at where you are. Are you really doing what you want? If not its time to plant new ideas for this Spring.

Tony' Picks

Whit Hayden's Teleportation Device

What can I say about a creative and great person like Whit. He has created so many routines, and shares his talents with the magic community. He has won awards from the magic castle for his talent and created the School for Scoundrels which lets magi's know of the great con men that have come before us. Whit has created a take on the Bill in Lemon that is chock full of comedy and magic. His routine is a 10 minute routine that has taken many years to develop. Please read the full write up for this limited effecet that has long been off the Hocus Pocus site and is sold only thru us. We still get calls for this effect and we are glad that Whit has started making it again. Trust me his ideas work for you who are and want to be workers!!

Bang On

Now here is an effect that is what it is, Bang On. Imagine just being able to bang the minds of a spectator with a simple question. Name a card any card!!! Then you just go into your suit and pull out a wallet then pull out a envelope from that wallet. This envelope then has one card and yes, it is the card that one person of the audience yelled out. That simple and yet that powerful of a magic effect. Is that what magic is about or what! Clever in its concept and powerful to boot!


This one is for the bizzare magi or Street magic. Imagine having an egg either borrowed or on you. You then cause a coin to magically penetrate INSIDE the egg. A small hole is chipped in the egg, big enough to pour out some of the egg goo, but small enough that a coin, which will be found INSIDE the egg, cannot escape. Spectator can look inside the hole and verify they see the coin AND their mark. Spectator can reach through the hole and grab the coin with tongs or tweezers and pull it out THROUGH the shell themselves AND can immediately verify that it IS the same coin they marked earlier. No tricky sleights. Yes, there is a gimmick which you will have to create, but this takes less than 10 minutes once you have the knack, and many can be made at once and saved. You receive a manuscript giving you two versions of this effect, one totally impromptu, and another which thoroughly explains the gimmick. This is a nice 45 page instructional booklet, complete with over 50 illustrational photos.

Tipper Monkey

From our creative friend Bruce Kalver comes a standard by which all smart workers will see the reason to have Tipper. An ideal companion for restaurant magicians, clowns and balloon twisters. Tipper is great for street busking to collect your tips. When someone puts a tip in your hat, Tipper will say thank you and clap! Included with Tipper is the booklet "How A Monkey Made Me $75 in Tips in 45 Minutes" where Bruce Kalver explains all the routines with Tipper that he uses when he performs at restaurants. Tipper will instantly become the favorite part of your act. Tipper is also ideal for stage magic. He'll cue the audience when to clap and he'll yell at them when they don't! If you do ANY table hopping, don't do it without Tipper. You will get paid back for your investment in one week! THIS IS NOT A SOUND ACTIVATED DEVICE so a noisy restaurant is not a problem. Tipper is always under your control. Your hands are always free to twist balloons or do your magic. This precision piece of electronics is available in limited supply.

Bottoms Up

From our local good friend "Louie" who does alot of our electronical ideas such as Death Trap comes "Bottoms Up". Here is his take on the whole Russian Roulette fade. You know what I mean 3 bags and a Spike or a Nail and slamming your hand on the bags. Well, Louie has taken the fear of you showing up on YouTube messing up your show or a spectators hand. His version is even kid friendly for a birthday party. The workings are so simple that you can carry it all in your pocket. It is so safe that this is the one that I would do. A little acting is the key to bring it home but I know all of you can do it. Well crafted props and simple home spun DVD explains it all. Even the proper way to break a bottle to do this effect right in a bar or other venue so that it is as clever as it is on the spot with no set up!!

Tony's Tips

We as magicians (I say magi when I write) are as Willy Wonka would say are the "Dreamers of Dreams". It is simple to buy magic. I do, you do. I have spent a life time researching the gods that have come before me. I even say I can't do this because its so and so's trick. Well in the last year I find it funny to hear Rod Stewart singing songs of the 40's and 50's. Its not his act or his songs. He has made them his for this new generation. We know them and remember Bob Hope, Judy Garland singing them but now it's his song for a new crowd. He is still the Rocker Rod but seeks the new crowd of an older audience. Well tonight I give you as well as myself permission to do the magic of Max Maven, Bill Abbott, Jeff Hobson, Barry Mitchell and many more. Only and I repeat only if they have sold their routines on videos, DVD's and in package forms for the magic community. I have always had a problem to buy a tricks from a famous magician and then claim it as mine. Well these folks are selling them the same way Sammy Davis Jr. made the song Candy Man famous which was sung by a english actor in the first Wonka movie and never made as much money from it as Sammy did.

I am not saying that you should ever steal a person's act. Never should you!!! As the magic marketing world grows and our famous magi's are releasing DVD's everyday of the acts that they have spent a life time on should we forget these great routines either. Folks like Billy McComb set the standard for what is great and powerful magic. These, like great songs should never be lost. One of my favorite stories to tell is how I learned the Silk to Apple routine from a Jeff Hobson tape. I did it for 2 years at Excalibur Hotel Casino. Jeff was now coming into Excalibur with his own comedy magic show. I thought great, I need to stop doing it for Jeff will surely be doing it. I asked him about it. A few days he got back to me thru one of our cast and said "I have other things to do, you can still do it". What a classy guy!!! When I showed him what I had done with it he joked that I should put out a tape on how much more I have added to his basic routine that I learned. I heard the same type of story about Lance Burton doing the slow motion vanish bird cage which is Billy's main piece and they were both on the same show. Billy told him to "go ahead and do it your the star of the show, I have other things to perform". That again is pure class.

So my take tonight is that we not forget the great songs (routines) that our famous magicians create and preserve them before they are lost to the general public. So many books are full of great acts that most of todays magicians we will never use. This is why my home is so full of books and acts that we all should be using today. Never forget the creative minds that come before us. Please save the past in magic before you just perform a new version of the old and yet forget the classic version of a trick. It is the smart magician that updates old jokes and moves but don't forget the Well that we all come from. This is my current term ... It is time to go back to the Well to get new ideas. Reread your Tarbells, Mark Wilson Book of Magic, Royal Road to Card Magic, Bobo, Harry Loyarne and so many more.

Thanks for reading my rant...lol

I want your take and views


Best Magical wishes and career

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