Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time to Plant and Grow New Ideas

Here in the Fresno area if you don't know it is considered the heart of the California farming area. This is the area that gave the world the "California Raisins". Fresno is the capitol of Raisins as well as many types of nuts and of course Oranges. Years ago Carol Burnett even made a spoof of the TV show Dallas called "Fresno" about the raisin barons vs. the oil barons of Dallas. Try to find it sometime it was so funny and shows off local landmarks.

What is my point tonight. The kids I teach are the new crops of magicians. Thanks to one of my adult students Jennifer Ward who works for the Fresno Bee our local paper. She set up a video guy Will Albritton to interview my kids and show my class. Thank you to you both. Remember a few weeks back I mention that our local paper, The Fresno Bee was coming by to do a video story. It is now up on the web for you to see. Here is the link to see the video.
http://www.fresnobee.com/402/story/33468.html . The boys gave great sound bits when asked about magic. They looked like Pro's so check out Will's great video work.
Those in the CA area don't miss out to call in and reserve your chair for Mark Mason in April.

Tony's Tips

Electronic Card Fountain

Not since the great works of Marcelo Contento have we seen a great Card Fountain. Marcelo set the standard for what a card fountain should be. Introducing the Electronic Card Fountain, a modern miracle of magic and electronic wizardry. This incredible device works on a timer principle, enabling you to set the timer for 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, and 320 seconds! What other card fountain allows you to do that? No more needing to worry about another remote control in your pocket; the Electronic Card Fountain is entirely self-contained and a bargain at the asking price. From our friends at Saio magic we are proud to continue the standard of Card Fountains.

Jay Sankey

A legend that sets the standard for creative ideas for the working pros. Any product or DVD that Jay puts out means that Jay has time tested it in the real world. No pipe dreams and no having to change it to make it work for your show. We are honored at Hocus Pocus to now carry the entire line of Jay Sankey. His creative ideas are ones that will make you look so way cool when performing. So now Jay has his own section to link to on the left side of the website. Check out his entire product line on our site.

Underground Jam DVD

In the spring of 2005 Jay sent out a world-wide request for audition videos featuring original material from unknown magicians. In response, performers from more than a dozen countries submitted more than 200 tapes and dvds! From this mountain of submissions Jay and his team unanimously selected Joe Diamond, Eric Leclerc and Jeff Stone. A few months later, Jay, Joe, Eric and Jeff met up in Toronto and over a couple of days taped an outstanding collection of close-up magic and mentalism including 20 effects with matchbooks, coins, playing cards, keys, film canisters, wrist watches, chewing gum, water bottles and magic markers.

Materialize DVD, Volume 1 by Ed Ellis

One of my jobs here at Hocus Pocus is to bring you the fresh new items. Now for over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table side magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. Ed has also performed his amazing close-up illusions at Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace, lectured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in 2005 was the star of the Ed Ellis TV Show. The following effects here are straight from Ed's working repertoire and are for both the beginning and advanced card worker! As an added feature this DVD includes Magic Castle and TV footage from Ed's promo reel. So I am proud to introduce his DVD to you. Thank you Ed for sharing your talents with the magic family.

Deck to Cell Phone

This trick was a complete sell-out at the recent 2007 World Magic Seminar and Columbus Magi-Fest. Almost every demo of this item resulted in an immediate sale! Here's what happens The magician holds in his hand a deck of cards. He covers the deck for mere seconds with a jumbo card. The card is removed, the deck of cards has vanished and in its place is the performers cell-phone. The jumbo card by the way can be show on both sides immediately without any funny moves. It can also change a blue deck into a red color, become a packet of cigarettes, some candy or a bunch of business cards, an MP3 player, an iPod, or any other object of this size! This is so cleverly constructed that just by seeing it work is a joy. It is very easy to do and automatic! It's so simple to perform, you'll almost feel guilty when you do! Don't pass this one up; this is what all the buzz is about!

Chat with you soon with more magic and news

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