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Watching Magic Come Alive

Last night Hocus Pocus had the honor and pleasure of a lecture by Mark Mason. Fresno's magic community turned out in full force for this special event. Mark's style of lecturing is to truly entertain and educate at the same time. His charming British humor made it a magical evening for all. Our group of guests which comprise off working magicians, clowns and hobbyist all agreed Mark has shown them what good magical entertainment is all about. Mark has a humble appeal saying that the magic comes first and not the moves. This is being proved by his version of the "Matrix" with 3 coins and 3 cards. This was fast and visual and at no time did he perform a finger flicker type routine. This encouraged the folks watching him to prove that they too can make magic come alive. So a big thank you to Mark Mason, a true gentleman, super performer and great teacher of magic. Coming to Hocus Pocus in May (May 7th to be exact) is Danny Archer. Call me now to make your reservations at 1-800-407-4040.

Tony's Picks

Voodoo 1

From the mystic mind of Werry comes Voodoo 1. Here is a effect with some interesting history. This I will let you find out by reading the full description on the website. Let's just say Werry has created something rather special for those of you mentalism fans. You start out with a spectator a sketchpad and a felt maker. The spectator writes their name across the top of the pad in large letters. The sheet is removed and torn into two pieces, one piece for the spectator and one for the magi. The spectator's piece is crumbled up. The magi draws an image on the back of his paper. Now here is when it gets weird, the spectator opens his paper to find the same image on his paper. This is a method totally different from what you may think. So again check out the full write up on the website.

Model Bottle

From the creator of Glass Mirage, Alex Lourido comes Model Bottle. As was said when I was a kid one picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the video on this one gang. A bottle (green beer bottle type) is placed in a bag and then you flatten the bag only to remove a flatten beer bottle. Now with this method you can also change the bottle from green to a brown bottle, vanish or make a bottle appear. Everything comes to you for this amazing effect, Special bottle, machine made gimmick and a DVD with so many ideas. This one is an in your face type of magic that will leave folks stunned!

Big Bucks

Danny Archer the creator of many of my favorite effects brings you now Big Bucks. Big Bucks is truly what it says BIG! From the idea that packs it small and play big this one is just that. Imagine 4 7 inch by 16inch $10.00 bills shown freely on both sides. Then in a flash blink of the eye each one changes to a 4 $100.00 bills-that quickly and that visual. Large enough to play big venues yet pack in a standard attach. Danny has produced these in 4 color printing and on heavy glossy stock paper. This will give you a prop that will last a long time. Big Bucks is Big on Entertainment.

Something, Nothing and More

Now here is a colorful and magical prop to have in your show from the comedy mind of Terry Elton and the craftsmanship of Wellington Enterprises. Terry has created a magical, fun play on words routine. Large words are produced from the box (words even larger then the box) in which several members of the audience take part in the mayhem. This is Terry's "Play on Words" routine that a worker like Terry has kept his personal secret for many years. We are honored to now be able to share with you. To make this effect even more amazing is the wonderfully crafted box that Wellington has built for this act. It comes to you with the famous Wellington table base which sets up in seconds. To make this routine even more complete is Terry's 15 page book with all his tips, ideas, and knowledge for having performed this act for so many years.

Foreign Affair

Gregory Wilson is one of close-up magic's amazing guys. To watch him work and how excited he is about his craft is the reason we do what we do. I have seen him just blow magicians out the door at magic conventions. So now Gregory has come up with a clever idea about money from around the world in Foreign Affair. Here is the premise how a magician makes money while travel around the world. Starting with a one-dollar bill (green), he folds it in half to reveal an Australian note (bright green). He then folds it in half again to reveal a twenty-euro note (blue). One more fold reveals a hundred-yen note (red). Finally, when the bill is unfolded, it has now transformed into a one hundred-dollar bill-which can be thoroughly examined. Now that is an effect that would make a banker think twice about letting you walk in the door of his bank.

Tony's Tip

This week I turn the spotlight on again a local guy here in Fresno, Frank Collins. Frank is a Magician, Houdini Expert and Teacher in our school district. Frank is a clever and inventive guy who came in today to Hocus Pocus with some ideas to share with all of you. He gave me a bunch of ideas so here is one and we will save the others for future blogs.
(Mike and Frank at the Swap Meet right)

A Cut and Restore Rope Routine

Patter. "Today I want to talk about something that changed my life, it has two ends and center."

(Swing the rope between your hands)

"Yes, I am talking about a football team."
(gather the center)

"But the coach decided that he wanted to cut me from the team, I told him that he shouldn't but he did."

(Cut the center as you would in a cut and restore rope routine)

"I was the center, I held the team together, after I was cut."

(drop the ends)

"The team fell apart and became two teams, now there were 4 ends and 2 centers. The coach decided to try and make things right he put me back on the team as a tied (tight is the proper term) end."

(Tie the ends together)

The coach said " Do you want to play tight end?"

(ruffle the ends)

I said, "I'm afraid not." (frayed knot, OK its a groaner I know....lol)

"He said would you like to play off center?

(Slide the knot two inches)

"I said No!"

The coach then asked, How would you tackle this problem?"

(slide knot two more inches)

"I said I would round up all the players in a huddle."

(wrap the rope around your hand while sliding the knot off the rope into your other hand)

I said, "Coach you taught me alot but, I have more fun with magic. I'll leave the team and not (knot) have any regrets (show the knot) and my suggestion for a perfect play would be to go long".

(Show the rope fully restored)

"And to this day I have had a lot more fun with magic".

That is just a very clever, charming and funny story to perform the cut and restore rope routine to. Thank you very much for sharing your magical gem of patter and wit. Not being a football fan I still got all the jokes and bits. This one is a real keeper and winner. So all of my readers I hope you get to use this in your next gig. I only wished I knew this when used to host Superbowl parties in Las Vegas. It would have been a funny, killer little number to do both on stage or close-up. Again Thank you Frank, and we have more from him to share with all of you.

A Few pics from Mark Mason's Lecture

Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco


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