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The Magic of Being Ready

Well as I was not able to write last night please forgive me. It is this type of thing that make me come alive. The last minute lack of planning on someone else that lets me get to shine. This should be what drives you also, the ability to shine in the fear of failure on some one's unprofessionalism planning. This way you get to look like a star and the person calling you in the Chinese way ("Saves Face") for their boss. This follows my rules of the Ready, Set, Go rule of thinking. If you not sure what that means we shall talk about that in "Tony's Tips" tonight later. Paul, Mike and I as well as Danny Archer will be down at the Magic Castle this Sunday along with our hero's Mark and Nani Wilson for "Dealers Day". So if your around the LA area please stop by and use the name of Hocus Pocus to get it to the Castle to shop at our booth. I look forward to seeing all of you and take photos and have magic moments. Also don't forget Monday May 7 at Hocus Pocus Danny Archer will be here lecturing. It happens at 7:PM $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door. It is going to be another great event as our lectures have been. Danny is a true working pro and always shares SO much in his lectures.

Tony's Picks

Cuff Links Supreme

Harry Anderson the legendary performer from the streets of San Francisco, to the stages of Reno and Vegas, to Saturday Night Live and HBO is now honoring Hocus Pocus with Cuff Links Supreme. This is Harry's classic effect that is fully seen on his HBO special "Hello Sucker". Harry shares this classic burnt bill routine with all the comedy that is Harry Anderson. We have taken Harry's routine (with his permission and rights) to bring you the finest wallets for this effect. You get a custom leather locking himber wallet and matching fire wallet. The best gimmick handcuffs (welded not glued) to make the illusion just right . Everything is made beyond any version made before of this great act. Include is a DVD performance to learn word for word and move for move of this timeless routine. We are glad and honor that Harry is working with Hocus Pocus to re-release " Cuff Links Supreme.

Bish Bash Bosh

From the wonderful workmanship of Colin Rose comes Bish Bash Bosh his take on the Russian Roulette crazy in magic. This version is so family friendly. No Knives or Spikes but the funny possibility of smashing the wrong cup that has a egg in it. Colin has crafted the finest of woods to make his effect so wonderful looking yet also very normal looking to the eyes of spectators as just simple wooden stands he calls plinths (platforms). One of these has a wonderful hand turned egg cup and the other 3 are just the plinths covered by poly foam coffee cups. Colin also includes a matching wooden mallet hand turned of matching wood. Its comedy and magic and safe and again family friendly.


From creative closeup master Gregory Wilson comes Freakey. This is his take on the copper/silver change this time using Keys. There is a street style performance of this act on the website to see all of the magic that Greg has come up with. Its a clever version and worth the price to be able to look like its a simple act, which it really is. There are no hard sleights to learn its magic fast and amazing. So don't miss out on this effect. See the video!

Red Carpet

Here is one for those movie magic buffs effects from the talents of Jason Palter and Ari Sorokas. Everyone loves hearing about their favorite movie star now comes a mentalist challenge. Showing a sketchbook filled with over 40 great looking drawing of movie stars you are going to try to predict which star your spectator chooses. You then cover your head with a red bag as your spectator picks a star from the book. You try a couple of times to name the star, both times failing. When you remove the bag a big surprise awaits your audience. All fine made props, the sketch book alone would cost you at least a thousand bucks to have had professionally drawn. This is a pack small plays big type of effect! Don't miss out on this one.

Restaurant Portfolio

From our friend Bruce Kalver, the genius behind many magic effects, DVDs, and books comes Restaurant Portfolio. Here is a no holds back book to getting and working and keeping a restaurant gig. Working a restaurant be you magician, balloon artist or face painter can be a very money making venture. Bruce has built a life long business from entertaining in the some of the more popular food chains. In this book everything is covered from tips to making the magic moment when only a magician can save the day. This type of work opens the door for you to get outside gigs as well and that to is talked about in this great book. Bruce shared a story with me when he recently visited Hocus Pocus about giving a lecture from this book in a restaurants private room with a room full of magicians. He made a very fancy balloon and gave it to the waitress, a few moments later the manager wanted to book him for the place. The power of a balloon. Who knew? Don't miss this out on this book which is so fill with knowledge and updated from the last time it was printed.

Tony's Tip

Well as I said last night was a last minute call to run to a private company party. Being Ready, Set, Go means having things ready at the drop of the hat. My clothing gets cleaned after the weekend on Monday. Suits are always pressed and rehung in the same spot. Magic props and tricks I carry are always placed back in their proper magic bag or Ziploc bag or container.

My carry around bag is set in the same place in my home in case it has to be brought to me at the gig if I leave from HP and some one meets me at the gig with my stuff if its a last minute call like last night.

Never leave anything to chance. Lately alot of my gigs are not like in Las Vegas, those are planned out in advance. Sometimes with a year contract to let you know way in advance what you will need. This time around here in Fresno, the calls come in for the day before or even that day. It is a whole other world, but you can get more money for a gig by some one's lack of planning. So you better always be prepared!

I hope to see some of you this weekend at the Magic Castle on Sunday. Paul, Mike and I will be on hand to sell, take photos and sign photos. Please make a point to mention Hocus Pocus to get to visit us on "Dealer's Day" presented by our good friend Mark Wilson

Trust me I will have lots of photos to share

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

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