Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Peace before the Storm

This past weekend I hope that all of you either were busy performing or like me finally had time off to relax. This weekend was one of time to catch my breath since I have been on the road the past few weekends. Between visits to Southern California and Northern California this weekend was the just the down time 'til all the summer gigs start kicking in. Today alone I just booked about 5 gigs. So I hope you're getting all that you deserve and want for your show and persona. As you read last weekend it was the Tony Blanco and the Biker Babes Magic Show. I still can't get over the funny facts that made the show work. I tell you this honestly it wasn't all just as simple as it looks but it all made for some great PR pictures that you know I will use. So here is hoping you're working the up coming months for great summer gigs.

Tony's Picks

Vanishing Radio by Doug Malloy

One of our creative friends Doug Malloy with Paul's inspiration has created the newest version in a long line of Vanishing Radio. This is radio that has the look of a real in this era boom box with CD type player. At any point the magi (you) takes a CD and inserts it into the radio and it plays (sound really off stage). The magician takes a large silk and covers it and brings it to the edge of the stage to cause it to vanish. Doug has made what has been deemed the Rolls Royce of the Vanishing Radio. Long time in design by Doug, and unique to appeal to today's crowd that use this type of radio/CD player, Priced well for the knowledge and craftsmanship of a real performer's needs.

Mercury Wallet

From the ever producing mind of Jim Pace comes Mercury Wallet. Jim is one of those guys in the magic world that has his purse on what is needed to make magic happen. He is the same guy that gave us "The Web" a trick that even Lance Burton took to heart for one of his TV specials. Now Jim has come up with the Mercury wallet you can perform a few amazing miracles. Effects include a Card Prediction, Deja Vu a wedding ring vanish and appear, ESP Bill Switch the idea that you can predict the serial number of a spectator's bill. Clever ideas from just one great prop.

Red Light Dancing Cane

As someone that actually makes a great dancing cane (mine doesn't light up) and someday make them again for all of you. I look upon anyone that takes the time to make a cane that can also light up. To make a dancing cane takes a lot of the time and care to make sure it balances just right . To add the talent of lights or glowing takes even more knowledge of balance and science. So check this one out as it glows in such a wonderful red light as you perform the classic dancing cane routine. Folks like David Copperfield and Jeff McBride have made an impression on the world with Dancing cane acts, adding a little color kicks it up a way big notch.

Color Fusion Change Bag

Change Bags to me have always looked like something passed around in Church to get money. Nothing magical about that. Henry Evans that magical creator of many classic magic effects also tonight in my tips has kicked it up a notch to create Color Fusion Change Bag. Here is a change bag that (yes still looks like a church thing) still makes the magic happen. So don't miss out on the next generation of Change bags.

No Camera Tricks

What can one say of Richard Osterlind? He is today's modern master of mentalism. Everyday I speak to hundreds of you and the name that comes up the most is Richard Osterlind. You all by his stuff more than any of our creators of magic. Richard comes up with solid mentalism effects for the working pro. Now with "No Camera Tricks" from L&L magic he presents his best effects that as the title says is " No Camera Tricks" are part of the show. This DVD is produce to give you the knowledge to perform mental miracle magic live on TV. This means no stooges just real magic with audience members. His miracles are line up on a 3 DVD set. This is Richard Osterlind at his best. Giving you his real world stuff both in the studio and live in restaurants. This again is a one off type of DVD packed with so much!!!!

Tony's Tips

Not a rant tonight as much as a time off from the past 3 weekends of travel and performing to step back and create. One of my favorite things is to learn from others. No matter how old you get and think you know it all (this means you know actually nothing ) there is always room to learn from the Gods that come before you. One of my recent heroes (not that recent actually 10 years now) is Michael Flatley. Yes the guy from the Lord of the Dance frame. Here is a performer like most of us that can claim he worked his way up the ladder of success. If you have never seen either Riverdance or Lord of the Dance you have missed out on the art of creation. This man took the legend of Irish Music and the classic Irish step dance and created a world of knowledge to the Celtic dance and history of Ireland. Brash he is but if you listen to interviews he gives, he is about artistic creation. That's all that we should attempt in creating a magic act or routine.
Magic is a standard already made, how do you make you magic different from everyone else. Hell ,I have spent a life time trying and see the Criss Angels and David Blaines doing it with less knowledge and sometimes less passion than I think I have. Is it about having the right amount of money or talent? Sometimes! Most of all it is about having the smarts to know what is now even if it is not hip at the moment and creating the moment that everyone sees hip.

One of my favorite things in the last few years is when Paul asked me to perform at Max's school. I took it as a walkaround event, no different from working hundreds of the restaurants that I would do. Well I was in a baseball field with lots of teens and I did my close up stuff on a small table. I got the same reactions you see on a Criss or David TV show with kids running away saying Holy #$%^ or oh my $%^&ing God. So what makes me get the same reaction like David or Criss? Timing and the lack of ever seeing a live performing making magic happen, right before your eyes. My only down fall was I didn't have a camera crew like these street magic guys.
So remember your magic is powerful and like today's Youtube.com world if it is not seen on video you will have to prove yourself over and over again. So start saving those magic moments for future audiences. My friend Ayala told me once get as much as you can on video so it builds up your resume. In my time you would show a bunch of photos or news clippings, now agents and bookers want to see your DVD. So start video taping anything you do. That's the tip that can make your career.

Thanks for reading,
Tony Blanco

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