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The Weekend that didn't stop!

Once again it has been like that "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" line from the movie. "Life moves really fast if you don't stop to look around you might miss it". So lets start last Friday I spent the day with over 1000 kids at an event called "Kid's Day". This was a 4 hour walk around day for me with disable children, some not able to walk or some with mental disabilities. It was one of those events that anything you do for the children will be a gift of love and magic. About a thousand students attended the event. All of Fresno's best turned out to help give a special memory to these kids. Police & Fire departments with many action packed things to see. Forest rangers with Smokey the Bear off course. My friend folksinger Oklin Bloodworth singing and dancing up a storm with the kids. Myself, well it was a combo of juggling and magic. Keeping it as visual as possible, for attention spans are short but still entertained.

Then Saturday morning finds my picture in the paper from the event (that is the photo above) as I prepare to pick up Mike in our rental van with lots of Hocus Pocus goodies. We are off to the Hollywood and the Magic Castle. After a 3 hour drive, we arrive in the land of movies & magic at the Magic Castle Hotel. Our trip to the Castle was because of an invite from the great Mark Wilson to be part of Dealers Day on Sunday.

Still back to Saturday, Paul has arranged lunch for all of us at Musso and Frank, Hollywood's oldest bar/dinning place to be seen. Then we all did the tourist thing and of course visited a magic shop, Hollywood magic. Then Mike and I wandered Hollywood Blvd and found the perfect gift for Paul a poster from the movie the "Sunshine Boys" his favorite movie. That night we had a wonderful dinner at the Castle and toasted Paul's daughter Aimee's 21'st birthday. Sunday morning finds us setting up what must have been the largest rows of tables to display the wonderful wares that we sell. Lots of folks came by and it was great to met some of you in person for the first time. The dealers day went off like clock work in both set up and tear down to head back to Fresno.

Last night the Fresno magic community was treated to a great lecture by our friend Danny Archer. Danny is a creative thinking performer who knows how to entertain as well as teach. His newest lecture "Danny Archer on Target" is full of great ideas for the working pro. Most of his routines that are in his lecture notes are easy to make yourself. His ideas all pack flat and play big. This is great for all of us who travel and want to get the most bang for the punch when performing. So don't miss out if Danny comes to your town to lecture. Also don't miss out on his Las Vegas Magic Invitational being held where else Las Vegas, June 10-12. You can actually sign up for the convention thru Hocus Pocus at 1-800-407-4040. So that's why this weekend feels like it just didn't end, but it was all fun. Hope you had as much fun too.

Tony's Picks

World's Greatest Magic Stand Up Magic DVD

From the folks at L & L another in the series of some of the greatest magicians teaching a special skill. The World's Greatest Magic DVDs have covered topics such a coins across, Card warp, Cigarette through Quarter, Sponge balls, Rope routines, and much more. This new series off 3 DVD covers Stand Up Magic. These DVDs always feature some of the best magicians that have appeared on a L & L series of videos (now DVDs). So now World Greatest Magic (kinda the best of L&L I like to say) topic is Stand Up magic and features the likes of Richard Osterlind, Johnny Thompson, Bill Malone, Terry Seabrook and that's just Volume 1! This series is designed for you if you perform platform, stage or even in the parlour. It is a great series of DVDs so don't miss out.

David Stone Real Secrets of Magic

Now here at Hocus Pocus we are on the pulse of what's happening in magic. So it is amazing when some of our customers ask about an item before we have it on the website. Such is the Case with Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone. Here is a DVD Volume 1 that takes you past just doing the magic but how to have a life long career as a magician going. Some of David's tips are on capturing and entertaining an audience. Effects that are easy to perform and have commercial appeal. David takes the time teach you new ways of learning magic. As well as working in those tough conditions that come up from time to time. Included on this DVD are fantastic effects with cards, coins, rope, bottles glass, roses all real world objects in real world situations. This DVD is well over 2 hours of footage, plus many extras. Check it out!!!

Kandu's Rootin' Tootin' Root Beer

One of the classics's of magic is the Multiplying Bottles. In the hand of folks like Fred Kaps, Tommy Wonder, Nick Lewin, Lance Burton this is a wonder to behold. The only problem was that this effect involved bottles that either look like wine or booze. Now our friend Jeff Eaton aka Kandu has created a fantastic family friendly version of the multiplying bottle routine. The routine is great and comes with a great warm up effect also. The labels look so cool with the Rootin' Tootin' Root Beer logo created by Jeff. So this is it the first time professional ready family friendly version. The bottles are well made out of spun metal. Don't miss out on a great family effect. I have already gotten my set for my medicine show so should you.

Party Animal DVD set by Matthew J. Dowden

Matthew is a professional close-up magician and on his debut DVD you will experience some of his LIVE work. There is NO audience setup and NO fake reactions, just the real work in a real world setting. All the routines explained on this DVD have been audience tested over hundreds of performances. The handling of each effect has been honed to perfection and each one has been geared for maximum entertainment value and quick, visual impact! Learn all of this and more on this incredible two-disc set! Also includes much more including a bonus section featuring Matthew’s routines & technique for stealing watches. Not to be missed DVD!!!!

Shoebee's Professional Clown Shoes

These are the best looking clown shoes I have seen. Remember that I have been a working clown also and trained by Ringling Bros Clown College. My first pair of shoes were custom and cost me over $400. These shoes are so impressed with these, the quality of these European clown shoes, that I am glad that we need to offer them to our Hocus Pocus customers! All leather construction for long life and durably, vibrant colors and unique patterns and design. One size fits all. Perfect for clowns, children entertainers, MCs, circus entertainers, etc. Imported from England, one size fits all! Spice up your act today with a pair of these cool clown shoes! Please take a look in the "clown supplies" section for more styles and colors. Many color and styles to choose from.

Tony's Tips

As I said its been a long weekend. So I will let a few pictures speak a thousand words. From Hollywood and the Magic Castle to Danny Archer's Lecture here in Fresno, enjoy the pics.

Best Magical Wishes

Tony Blanco

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