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Work, Be sharp, Be ready !

Just logging in to write and the counter says that this is the 100th blog that I have written. Gee where has the time gone. Yesterday was a little milestone also as I am now 47 years old just sliding towards 50 soon. No matter its the magic that keeps me young and the enjoyment of performing. It's also about creating and meeting new people every time I perform. I hope all of you still have that feeling every time you get a chance to perform. This weekend had me performing again for our local Zoo. Both nights were family nights where the public was welcomed for free. Seems it is a national thing that Zoos do on the first of June each year. So go and check this type of gig out for yourself. A few pictures at the end of the blog for you to see.

Tony's Picks
Surprising Dove Box

I have never had the chance to do a Dove act but this Surprising Dove Box is hot! Imagine the illusion Origami now being done with a dove. If your not sure of the illusion check out the pictures on the website. This is a clever little box that just may shock some folks when you perform this one. A box about the size of the dove is shown which has 3 sections. The left and the right sides move and are push into the center box. Then mini swords are placed thru the box. Then you reverse your actions and remove the dove unharmed. Like I said this is hot and clever and will be the talk of your act if you perform with doves.

Bearly Impossible

From our clever friend from up North, Paul Romhany comes Bearly Impossible. As I have mention Paul works lots of cruise ships. His performance must always play big and pack small. This time its all about a mentalism effect that plays for the family audience. In this routine Paul talks about a gift for his niece. Predictions are asked of the audience. A color, an amount of money, lady's name. These are written down now a spectator is asked on stage. A Gift box is given to the spectator to open. She takes out of the box a birthday card which has the name from the audience magic moment #1! Then inside the box is a gift certificate with the amount called from the audience magic moment #2 ! Then the color of the gift also match's, magic moment #3. All is given to you in this effect plus Paul on DVD teaching you step by step the ins and outs of this great effect. Many of showbiz top performers praise this effect including Nick Lewin, Murray Hatfield and Wayne Rogers. Now I also highly recommend this great performance and touching piece of magic.

Best of Friends Book Volume 3

The name Harry Loyrane is the stuff close up magic legends are made of. Harry has been writing about close up for what seems forever. Harry has been on the fore front of creating generation's of real workers in the field of magic. I know I started out reading some of his first books. He now introduces Volume 3 of his Best of Friends series. This book includes some of the best routines from the likes of Max Maven, Martin Nash, Allan Ackerman, Howie Scharzman, Aldo Colombini, Gregory Wilson and so many more. This book is over 500 pages and over 400 hundred clear photos of some of today's top workers. Not to be missed 22 years in the making.


Now I watched the video today of Disintigration and I can't believe what I saw. We all know that soap routine of spelling a name or a suit of a card on our arm with ashes. Well now imagine doing this to the spectator's (no stooge) arm. That's right their arm and show the chosen card or initials, symbols. On this DVD so many variations are taught to you including using pepper instead of ashes to reveal the hidden message on the "Spectators Arm"!! Watch the video it will blow your mind!

Stand Up Coin Magic

Nathan Kranzo has come up with a killer DVD of routines for coins that are all about Stand Up. These routines are the perfect thing for those of you workers that do strolling parties where tables don't exist. Powerful in your face changes, appearances and traveling coin effects. Four of the routines use nothing more then a expanded shell and the other 3 no gimmicks at all. Some fast and quick stand up powerful magic. Knowledge from this DVD is a powerful thing to have. Check out the online video.

Tony's Tip

Funny thing happened the other night at the Zoo. The lady that hired me had a sponsor providing the free food for the event for all the guest visiting the Zoo. The lady from the food company has many restaurants, and the zoo lady made a point of introducing me to her. We chatted a bit I gave her my card. She went back to the booth as I proceeded to load my pockets for the evening's event. As the food lady had just left, the zoo lady made a point to say hurry get over and show her some of your magic. I had to laugh deep inside as it was sweet she wanted to open a door for me to make a connection. Trust me as soon as my pockets were loaded I was going to do just that and did. Future gig may be just around the corner.

Now what I am leading to is that every moment is an audition. Every chance chat about being a magician or clown is a possible booking. One of the most powerful weapons are your business cards. When I was a kid magician I had them and still use them at the drop of a hat. Now a days with the use of home computers you can create many different types for all tips of work. The main thing is to always have them and for some reason you don't get the other persons card. This way you can either call them our send them your card.

The next tool is a quick flyer or hand out. Keep the price and work simple so that you can actually go to Kinko type places and get hundreds made. If you have a great fast printer make them at home then. I choose to make a flyer that also has magic tricks someone can learn from along with a little coloring page and then my telephone information. This way it first looks like a gift verses a piece of advertising.

Remember that you should never lose a chance to get your name and phone number into everyone's hand that watches your performances. Building up a rooster of future bookings from one paid booking (or free one) is the best way to get more work. Personally when I lived in Las Vegas I spent thousands of dollars on phone ads in the yellow book. Never ever made the money back. The meeting of people one on one and giving them your gift with your ad makes a better and lasting impression. So look at ways of getting your name out there with out spending lots of cash. Every meeting is an audition don't lose your next gig by not being ready.

Tony Blanco

Tim Mannix's Comment:


Thanks for your recommendation of the Kandu's Rootin' Tootin' Root Beer on your blog (http://tonyspicks.blogspot.com). I used them for the first time this weekend at a Blue & Gold banquet and they went over like gangbusters.

Kids yelling out Yee-Haa!! works great.


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