Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summertime and the living is OK
......... so far

So far the summer here in Fresno has not been as hot as it was last year. It has actually been nice to have gigs this year at night when it has been cooler. This way I have had sometime off during the weekends to get things done around the house and see a few of the latest DVD's for review. I have a few to recommend and talk about later in Tony's Tips. Coming up in August are a few gigs which will be interesting. I will be "The Mad Hatter" for a lovely tea house here in Clovis and do close-up magic. The afternoon is billed as Mad Hatter Tea Party so we will have all the characters from the Alice story there.

Coming up in Sept, Sept 11th to be exact Fielding West will be here to lecture. This time the lecture will be a Tuesday night and cost is still $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door with a 7:00 PM start. Call and get your seat reserved now. I have known and seen Fielding work now for over 18 years. He is a great performer as well as teacher.

News for next year here at Hocus Pocus is that we have chosen a date for the next Swap Meet. It will be the weekend of Jan 19, with a possible workshop on the 20th. So if you are in the California, Nevada areas lock that weekend down. Last year's event was the first one and a great success. We again will have lectures, dealers and of course folks buying tables to sell their used magic. If you wish a table to sell you stuff please start calling me to reserve a table. We have a few big names already lined up as lecturers as well as dealers. So if your interested in either of these events please call us to reserve your spot & have the time of your life.

Tony's Picks

Hobson Egg Bag

Speaking of comedy friends we are honored to present Hobson's Egg Bag. If you have ever seen Hobson work live or on his great teach in tape "Hobson Live" you know that his Egg Bag routine is pure entertainment. It is a rare thing when a performer of Jeff's status releases a routine that is still the corner stone of his act. You get specially made Hobson Egg bag, 2 special eggs, Instructional DVD, plus a interactive way to get more information from a password protected website of Jeff's for more tips and advice not covered on the DVD. This is a pre-order that will be ready after Sept 15th. Again it is a amazing, comedy filled routine that you really need to have to punch up any show. It also falls into the "packs small and plays big" file for your show.

Mini Remote Vision Color Cube
From Fresno's electronic magic wizard comes Mini Remote Vision Color Cube. The magician shows a 1 3/4 inch square wooden cube with different colored sides. While the magician’s back is turned the spectator places the wooden cube in a plain wooden box and covers the box with a lid making it impossible for anyone to see which side of the cube is up. The spectator concentrates on the chosen color and the magician uses his mysterious magical powers to remotely sense which color is facing up inside the little wooden box. The magician never touches or looks at the box containing the cube, yet correctly names the chosen color each and every time. The new Mini Color Cube measures a full 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" square and is just the perfect size for closeup and walkaround venues. Supplied complete with detailed instructions and performance hints by Tim himself. Tim also I am proud to say is the kind of guy that makes great props that will stand the test of time. The mini cube is perfect for the walkaround and restaurant magician. Choose from a card case or wrist receiver. Remember to let us know which you wish when ordering this clever little electronic wonder.

Top Secrets Book

From the magical world of Astor (Victor Jamnitzky) comes Top Secrets Book. Gathering some of his best friends routines ( Jahn Gallo, Joro, Bob Driebeek to name a few) are manuscripts that were only available in the German language. Some of the effects titles are: The Dancing Cork, Bill in safe, Telephone Shock, In a Nut shell, Gallo's Wonder Necktie, Ball Wonder. These a 6 of the greatest effects for Stage and Parlour by Europe's very creative and talent magicians. For the full read on each of these titles visit the website. We just have to say "Thank you to Astor for getting his talented friends to share they best effects. Check this 40 page book which has tons of great line drawings explaining each effect out.


Now here is another effect that will leave a lasting image! Refraction is the brain child of David Penn and again a signature effect that is being share on DVD. Imagine while holding a borrowed wine glass in both hands your spectator gets to witness the impossible as the stem bends visibly before their very eyes. The glass is then given to the spectator to keep as a souvenir that freezes the moment of magic perfectly. As a bonus you get David’s Cabaret handling presented by Rodney James Piper and a method to bend the spectator’s own key which can be used to enhance the Refraction effect. Now as I said this is a effect that folks will remember you by. David even says "I have received more repeat bookings due to this effect than any other in my repertoire. The effect is simple in plot, connects with the audience and freezes the moment of magic forever." Check out the online video.

Seven Basic Secrets of Illusions Designs Book

Those of you who are serious about classic illusions, this is the ultimate book. It contains over 170 pages explaining over 90 illusions It has been along time to see a collection like this in one book giving the secrets, dimensions and concepts behind all the basic illusions. Also included are building and performing tips. It's all covered from appearances, disappearances, mutilations and exchanges to several forms of levitations. This is not a book of our detailed illusion plans. Instead it's a compilation of the greatest illusions in the world. You will use this book to decide which illusions are best to build and which illusions best suit your performance style.

Tony's Tips: Watch and Learn!

Well tonight I wish to chat about videos and DVD's. When I started in magic you had to learn from books or a personal teacher for magical knowledge. Back in 1969 a company called the Children's Television Workshop want to teach children on TV. They studied the effects of TV and attention span on kids. Their findings was that attention span was good for 30-45 seconds, the same amount of time that a commercial runs. So Sesame Street was born with short skits about the number 3 or the letter H. Some 20 years later MTV was born with rock videos that lasted no longer then about 3 1/2 minutes. So whats my point tonight?
Today we are very lucky that the gods of magic are putting down on video or DVD secrets that may have been lost forever. Seeing some of our favorite magicians on film doing the act that has made them famous and then teaching us the knowledge that took them a life time to learn. Now this new wave of magicians can look like the stars they wish to be. Now here is the rub, when does knowledge out shine experience. Today's DVD's look like a rock video with so much over done effects the magician forgot that he is there to teach his pet effect.

Don't get me wrong this is not going to be a rant about street magic videos (which I could do...lol) but about getting to the heart of a lesson. This past weekend I caught up on watching a few DVDs. First the new Magic Quarterly by Paul Harris group, bravo well done. Now here is a Magic News Magazine DVD. Interviews, showing how effects are done, the usual review of products and a few commercials. It was like watching Entertainment Tonight for magicians and I hope that the concept of these DVDs hang around for awhile.

Next was catching up to some effects and products by Daryl. Here is a very talented and clever man to but a DVD with each trick, even if the trick cost only 20.00. Today no one wants to read or look at pictures or drawings and that is sad. Daryl is clever enough to understand this and goes to great work to produce a very informative DVD.

The really good DVDs go to all the work of laying out the information for you today. A word to the makers of DVDs just cut back on all the over produced productions of a movie. Just show the effect being performed to real (not studio) people and then go to a very clear explanation of the effect. Don't leave anything out. Its like when I first saw Jeff Hobson's video, he explained everything so much on the silk to apple that you knew you were getting real world knowledge. This is the same when you see Paul Romhany on DVD for any of the tricks he sells. It is packed filled with a working pros's experience so he really wants you to look good. So what is my point or tip tonight.

Look and pick the effects and DVDs that you know will interest not only you but your audience. The effect maybe good but if watching a clip and it looks to over done chances are its about editing and not the magic. Make sure you choose you DVD by a name of a great performer and one who's knowledge you can grow from not just a MTV edited street magic effect that you may never be able to perform. Seek out the top names as well as a top effect or routine that you can with practice honor the performer that created. Knowledge is power and wisdom use it to pick the right information for your shows. Got a favorite DVD or video you like? Email me you list of favorite ones and we will make a list of the top videos or DVDs for next week.

Here are a few of mine.

All the Greater Magic DVDs, All the World's Greatest Magic DVDs, Jeff Hobson Live,
Doc Eason Tower Bar Series, All the Eccentricks DVDs, Marks Wilsons DVDs, Bill Abbott,
Trevor Lewis, Wayne Dobson, Patrick Page, Jeff Mc Bride, Eugene Burger, Max Maven

Hope that inspires you to send you favorites or even check some of these out.

Best Wishes,

Tony Blanco

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Wizards and Muggles

This past Friday night was the big count down to get the new Harry Potter book. Book stores and libraries were having all night events til the midnight hour of the release of the book. I was lucky to do a Harry Potter event at a great library here in Fresno. The evening had great events like, an Evening with Owls provided by the Fresno Wildlife Rescue Service. Science Mania: the Harry Potter Version provided by Dr. David Frank, Professor of Chemistry at CSU Fresno. Other activities & games included, costume contest, potions class, make your own wand and more. So by the time yours truly got to perform at 10:30 and 11:00 the kids were deep into Harry Potter's magic and waiting for my magic performance. To finish the 20 min show off I did the chair suspension which drew gasps indeed. So that was great to don my Excalibur costume once again since it has a great wizard type look.

Tony's Picks

Link DVD by Nabil

The hottest DVD running out the door here at Hocus Pocus is Link. What you have here is the ultimate crazy man's handcuffs. This a classic rubber band effect now kicked up alot of notch's. Imagine two rubber bands (ungimmicked) wrapped around your fingers and visually penetrate each other to link together. Then you repeat this only they unlink going out. Here is the most again I say visual magic. On this DVD you not only get the routine that Cyril made popular on TV but much more. Folks like Michael Ammar, Dean Dill, Loren Michaels chime in on this effect and give you their personal touches on this effect. Saying this you get over 2 hours of solid magic with camera angles shot from over the shoulder to better teach you. There are also bonus effects using wedding bands taught. Here is an effect that you can perform any where and anytime! What can I say more about this DVD then don't miss out!

Vegas Coins

From the master craftsman Thomas Wayne comes Vegas Coins. Let start out with Las Vegas Slot machine tokens from the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel Casino which are golden. Then create a shell which is so well machined that it will fit each of the 4 tokens that comes in the set. The tokens ( gold chips) are protected by being made from non-corrosive metals. The golden look of these tokens when performing close-up magic adds a touch of class to your act. So now your asking what is the routine? Well actually these have been made so that you can perform many routines such as David Roth's Coins Across, Chink A Chink, Matrix, Translocation. Any routine we you would use a shell and a coin, if not all four coins and a shell. Very limited in production and soon to be a coin man's collectable item.

Pure Filth

From the wacky card artistry of David Regal comes Pure Filth. Now here is an effect that can play both for fun or for a bit of naughty. Specially made cards from bicycle printing for a rather interesting final. To tell much more might give it away except to say 4 royal family members end up in a rather unusual climax finale for a card trick. Indeed a very funny and witty effect from David Regal. Wink Wink.

Cube A Libra

A classic of magic that is now made better and crafted by Jay Leslie. Jay is the kind of working pro and craftsman that knows what will work in performance. Just on the phone with him today he mention performing his version and getting 7 rounds of applause's from his audience. Jay has made the cubes and tubes in the best grade plastics. All machine on his CNC machines for exact measurements. The effect is well explained on the website so I wont go into that. I will tell you the Jay has built a great prduct and in his style expalins all the handling and history on a teach in DVD. Truly a classic for both adults and children.

Broom Thru Body

From our friend Peter Loughran comes Broom Thru Body. Now here is another effect with that "Street Magic feel using everyday objects yet truly magical. The performer introduces a small ordinary looking lobby broom, and places it behind their back. With both ends of the broom visible at ALL times, the broom then melts slowly into the performer's body sideways! The performer twists the broom inside his body in different directions. The performer turns his body from side to side showing all angles that the broom is indeed inside his body and both ends of the broom are visible at ALL times during the illusion. For the stunning finale the performer turns 360 degrees as they pull the broom completely through their body for a thunderous applause Great for stage, street performers, illusionists, comedy magicians, MCs, and can be done close up. Performance ready right out of the box! Peter Loughran's Broom Thru Body Illusion comes complete with specially constructed gimmick broom and detailed instructions.

Tony's Tips: On the Road Again

Well lately travel and set up and tear down is like when I was on the circus. It has to be quick to get to the next town or gig. I have been doing gigs that need me to get in and get out of the venue to the next show. I travel with a case that is a roadie case with 5 drawers. It also means I need to have a ramp to load this into the van. The other night for the Harry Potter gig I went back to my cube case made by the great Mark Evans from Utah. The case is cube in shape, the lid comes off and becomes the base. Then a pole is placed in the base and then the cube goes on the pole. The inside of the lid now on the ground has wheels.

My personal friends know I am a collector of suitcases and travel bags. Last week I mention the little back pack I turned into a hip bag for my strolling shows (picture below). One favorite place to get those shiny metal suitcases is Harbor Freight Tool company. If your not aware of these stores, see if your town has one. So many great things for the traveling performing to get there. Another favorite haunt is thrift stores. Getting an old trunk or suitcase for a couple of bucks ...what a fine. My favorite garment bag is the one you read about in the travel magazines on the plane. It sells for at least one hundred dollars. I found one in a thrift store and it just needed to sew something back on, price 10.00 or as they say in the commercial on TV priceless.

The most important thing when putting your show together is the case and the way it lets you get in and out of the gig. You need to figure size of the props to the case. If you use large cards for different kid show effects or poster effects look at the lid size as the place to store the flat props.

Then think about what is know as egg crating the inside of the case for each trick. This way you know where the trick goes every time. Canvas bags are cool too! Such is the case in sporting good stores or Wal-Mart that are made for hiking and biking. One canvas bag I have is actually a large canvas and leather lunch bag for hikers. It is a great close up case.

If you really need a pro type case check out Guitar Center stores for different roadie or DJ cases for your show. Then for custom cases I recommend folks like Anvil and Encore cases. Both you can find on the web if you use google. Either way when you get to the gig look like a pro and be able to get out even quicker. If you can reset during the show or if it takes a few moments after the show, all the better to be ready for the next gig in the same day. Bring plastic bags to dump the torn papers and broken balloons out. Never leave a mess at a gig. Check out the pouch before and after pictures below. Just think fast and quick set up. Tell me your case or table ideas for next weeks blog.

Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco

Before and after sewing the new pouch

Belt loops

New side pouch in action

Photos from Bedford Productions

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hot enough? Busy enough?

This summer sees your humble writer just as busy as ever. Last minute parties, props still not built, more shows oh yea a wedding to plan in the fall, mine! I was walking thru Wal-Mart the other day and they are already stacking the shelves with school stuff. Is summer already over? Stores are moving seasons up faster each year. Hey speaking of Wal-Mart, here is something I found in the sewing department, maybe your Wal-mart may have this too. I found this little backpack (very small) almost for a little kid. I looked at it and figured a way of making this into a cool hip pack for my belt. All I did was cut the straps and sew them down and now I had belt loops so it fit perfect to my belt. I have already "road tested" this on a hot day when I could not use or wear my long coat outdoors. I actually got two and one is on the back of my belt filled with balloons and a small balloon pump. The side pouch had the close-up magic. So I worked a possible regular restaurant gig the other night and it was great. Speaking of balloon pumps I am a big fan of T.Meyers Pump One. As a matter of fact I had probably the first ones made, but now a days for a dollar ( dollar stores) they sell these little hand held pumps that take about 4-5 stokes to blow up a 360 balloon verse one shot of the Pump One. Don't get me wrong if I have an all day gig my Pump One comes with me!! For simple gigs these little cheap pumps are great. So look for them in dollar stores or party places. Get one for each case!

Tony's Picks

Cellini- The Royal Touch

Cellini is considered by many the ultimate street performer. We sell dozens of his DVD's showing his best magic and how to be a street performer. Well now back in print is his great book showing you his journey as a street performer. Choke full of photos of his career and the many friends he has met along the way. He teaches you his master routines, which include split fans, cups and balls, linking rings and so much more. This book is also filled with great illustrations of how to perform each of these effects. Jim Cellini gives you so much knowledge in this book which has taken him a life time to learn. This book is a must for anyone that calls himself a performer.

Kikuchi Feather Flower Rings

Kikuchi has created yet another wonderful product. The Feather Flower Rings are beauty that will add so much color to your show. 3 large white feather rings are placed in a large envelope. First one in and a green silk is passed thru the center of the envelope. Remove the ring and it has change to green. You do this to the other two rings turning one red and the next yellow. Then the now color rings are placed back into the envelope only now transform linking as one big 36 inch ring of green, red and yellow. A teach in DVD is included to learn from. This is a colorful touch of magic that you will indeed be able to find a place for it in your show.

Snow Leopard Vest

From the maker of the color changing vest now comes the Snow Leopard Vest. First a word of the color changing vest, incredibly well made. OK, that was 3 words! Really I have never seen a concept that was so professionally sewn for a magician to use over and over again. The fabric on these vests will last you a long time and the gimmick to make the magic work is so clever. Now comes the Snow Leopard Vest with a different style gimmick for those of you who own the color changing vest. Imagine wearing a black vest and with a toss of confetti or during your snowstorm in China act you vest now changes to be black with white polka dots. Visual and magical. Think of other effects that you can combine the vanish of polka dots from a silk only to appear on the vest. Again clever and well made!

Entertainment First

From the Dean of the SAM, George Schindler comes 50 years as a working pro his DVD Entertainment First. George performs all types events as well as having appeared in Woody Allen's New York Stories movie and on Late Night shows such as Conan O'Brien. He is a performer of magic, a ventriloquist, writer, comedian, public speaker and tradeshow worker. On this DVD, George shares his best routines that have kept him working as I said for 50 years. It is my honor to get to chat with this walking historian of knowledge on a regular basis. So much information is on this DVD I ask you to read the description on the website of what he tips of his pet routines. Thank you George for all the knowledge you have shared with so many.


Andrew Mayne is today's most creative and innovative magician around. Not only does he create amazing effects and DVD's but is willing to share them with the magic community. This kind of knowledge would only be if you were like David Copperfield and hired Jim Steinmeyer to be your personal show designer. Andrew now shares Shrinker Imagine, at any point in your act, causing yourself to shrink to a full 1/3 of your original height! That's right -- a full 1/3 of your original height! Just as miraculously, you can grow back to your original height and continue on with your show. Check out the online video below to see how cool it looks! The complete illusion includes the specially constructed apparatus and instructional DVD! Stage and Street magic at its finest, that's Andrew Mayne.

Tony's Tips: The Divisions of Entertainment

The other day in my Saturday morning class I mad a statement that bares repeating for you my reader. "When I started out as a young magician I thought that was going to be it! From magic so many doors got open. I never ever thought that the journey would have taken me to be a street performer, mime, circus clown, juggler, puppeteer, woodworker, costumer, stilt walker, prop builder, balloon artist and unicyclist". To my students I tell them "just don't stop at magic, if your interests go in a different direction follow them". This is what I give to you don't stop learning and don't shut yourself off from different avenues of entertainment.

Today as well as when I stared back in the '70s having more skills gets you more jobs. That is what we always want to be is working and have agents think of you as the "GO TO GUY". One agent I worked with in Las Vegas would book me last when he had a big event to book with many entertainers. He would say tonight I need you as a Mime or tonight you're the stilt walker. I know that he looked at me as the last person having filled the other spots and needed me to be the backup talent he could not find for the event. Being able to fill more shoes as I said can keep you working. Let all your buyers or agent know of all the skills you have. If they don't what you can do then someone else gets the job.

Best example was to work an event that I was to do magic and make balloons at a buffet event 2 times a month. First day the magic was great but now go make a wacky balloon hat for little old ladies. Not one of them was going to have that. So quick thought (I had just learned at the time) paper rose for the ladies. So quick to the bar and grab those napkins. The event ended up lasting for last for 2 years and folks would now ask for roses and forget the magic. It was a talent that I never would think of myself doing, just roses no magic. Heck I was working that's what matters.

Another example is just a little different. You call yourself a magician, yet you don't like doing closeup magic. OK, but I know folks that turn down so much work because they don't want to put together a few quick effects and just be able to work dinners and private parties that would pay just as much as doing a stage show. Never turn away a gig unless it's just not something that you can't ever think of doing. Honestly the old joke in show biz is if a casting director says "Can you ride a horse"? If this is a part in a big movie your answer should be, "YES I CAN". Then go out and take horseback riding lessons. Heck that's the way today's stars do when the get that dream movie role.

Just be more open to learn more of the different skills that are the performing arts. This way you have a true understanding of showbiz. Who is to say you don't end up making a career change or at best an addition to your career. Understand this Steve Martin, Arsenio Hall, Johnny Carson all started out performing magic and look where their careers took them in the entertainment world. Just think more then just magic and look at all the performing arts and don't be afraid to wear many hats.
Best Wishes,
Tony Blanco

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Magic Moments

Hi gang! Sorry for the delay in my blog this week and no blog last week. Its been a roller coaster ride of events going on. Last week no blog because of the 4th of July, which saw your humble host trying his hand at a local restaurant. Then on the 4th working 2 gigs, a birthday party last minute booked and a bar-b-que event. All went well with the restaurant interested in me to do private parties on Saturday. Then Hocus Pocus played host to the magic of Fukai from Japan here in Fresno (yea thats Fukai and your humble MC in the photo to the right). Fukai is the creator of many magic effects and is a marvelous inspiration to the magic community. I will chat more about this in "Tony's Tips". All aside I hope you are creating "Magic Moments when you perform.

Tony's Picks

Remember this I honestly don't recommend something I would not use myself in a show. If you don't see it in this blog, guess what I don't use it or think its all that great. You can always call the shop and ask my thoughts on a product. If you don't, its your lose. I am here for all of Paul's customers to give you my thoughts on a product.

Tony's Tips

Comedy Multiplying Bottle by Paul Romhany

Here again I recommend an effect by Paul Romhany. Why! Well because he is the most prolfic working pro I have seen in years. Do you know his name like Copperfield or Angel ? No. Is he a worker YES!!!! So that means I respect someone who is creative enough to know the legends of magic and be able to give it a modern twist. Simply here is Paul' s version of the Multiplying Bottle Routine with logos of brand name bottles. It actually border lines copy write problems but I say get yours while you can. He has taken a set of bottles and given you his comedy routine that has been proven time after time on cruise ships and many private gigs. We are honored that Paul shares his creative ideas with us at Hocus Pocus. Both Paul Gross and I spend hours bringing you the newest ideas from the magic's freshest minds. Check out the full write up on the website of Paul Romhany's Bottle act. Thanks Paul.

Jeremy Pei’s Professional Linking Ropes Routine

Introducing , a true reputation maker that looks like real magic! The Professional Linking Ropes routine is a complete magic act filled with colors, movements and magical moments unlike any other. Jeremy Pei has created this multi-phase routine to play for the real world audience. 4 brightly colored ropes are used and the performance is a la the Chinese Linking Rings, which is great for parlor or stage performance. This is a complete act that packs in your pocket.The complete set comes with: Professional Linking Ropes Set (Gimmicks are Professionally Hand Crafted) Instructional DVD Carrying Case.

Fukai's Funny Flying Flower

The performer graces the stage and removes a silk. Snapping his fingers, the silk magically and instantly transforms into a beautiful flower. The flower is then attached to the magician's right lapel. Looking down at the flower for a moment, the magician plucks the flower from the lapel, gives it a sniff, and as he goes to reattach the flower, it flies around his body, landing perfectly on his left lapel! It's a magical comedy interlude and a fantastic sight gag Fukai uses in his act and to open his lecture. Each one is hand-made by Fukai himself. We were fortunate enough to obtain a small quantity after Fukai's lecture at Hocus Pocus. Act quickly, because when they're all gone, we may never have them again!

Lady Vanishes

Well here is where I got to play poster boy like Mike usually does for our ad in the website. It is an effect similar to the Vanishing Elephant but actually better made from the same company. In great hard plastic to last a life time of performances.

The performer offers to teach his audience how to vanish a lady. He displays a draped tray, a picture of a lady, (a jumbo Queen) and two flat boards to "screen" the lady. He now turns his back to the audience, and performs the effect for an imaginary audience in front of him, while the real audience has a backstage view of the working.

The two boards are placed on the tray. The Lady Card is displayed, and dropped between the two cards. The Boards are then removed, and freely displayed on both sides, to show the Lady has vanished. The real audience, however, have seen how the effect is accomplished, because they have seen the Lady Card drop through a slot in the tray into ribbon loops under the tray. However the Lady is not visible from the front, being concealed by the drape.

After some remarks to the effect that when performed with a real Lady one would require a much larger trap on the stage than the slot in the tray, and a bigger ribbon cradle, the performer offers to repeat the effect, this time with the real audience to the front.

The two boards are again placed on the tray, and the Lady dropped between them. The boards are removed and freely displayed on both sides. The Lady has vanished. The performer explains that there may be a few wise people in the audience who may figure out that the Lady is behind the drape. As he says this, he turns the tray around, so that the audience sees the back of the Lady card hanging in the ribbon harness behind the drape.
If this happens, the performer continues, he has no recourse, except to use some "real magic". The tray is turned, drape side again facing audience. The performer gestures dramatically to make the Lady vanish, then peels away the drape to show the Lady has indeed vanished. Both the drape and tray are freely shown all sides, with no trace of the Lady. Its simple and a winner! Again well made for a low price.

Tony's Tips.......Creative Moments that last forever!!

Well tonight's tips are about the live moments when we perform. Let me explain. When you perform its live, if you don't always have a crew filming your show or photographing it, that's it! The magic is done and over. In showbiz your only as good as your last show. Well if only a few see it no one knows who you are. This is why rock stars video tape each concert. This is why David Copperfield travels with a TV studio anywhere he performs. Now I know you (as a mild manner magician can't afford the latter ) but it is the smart magician that has a talented photographer at each show that could make the show count. This example is like my Biker show. The Sponser took photos, my girlfriend took pics. You have seen them on this blog (to the right of this blog is one image) or if you go to myspace you can see them. PR is PR, (PR means Public Relations) and never lose the magic of the live performance moment.
The real reason we do what we do is to get our name out there for future gigs and if no one knows what your last gig was well then....? You can say you performed for XYZ but if you don't have pic of you and XYZ. Who is going to believe you? Always in this media hungry world get images of you performing, be it video or still photos. Post them on Myspace, Tribe.net, Youtube, just get your face out in the media world. Don't let anyone who gets jealous of your sudden fame get to you, its just another business card to let the world know who you are.

This is an important thing to think of no matter what type of live show your doing. Get pictures and video. Like Criss Angel edit it to make you look good. Oops did I just give away his and David Blaines magic opps. The Gods that have come before us, like Mark Wilson, Doug Henning, and David Copperfield would never think of oh editing a show for the magic to look FAKE. When Mark said "The Magic is live for the audience in the studio as well as you the home viewer" , it was! No Camera Tricks and No editing! Now when you film your live shows that's up to you what you do with it to sell your show. It is no different then watching a preview of a new movie, only the best scenes are shown. Trust me at that point I love movies on DVD and watch all the extras. One of the things I watch are the previews. The commercial of the movie is never like the real movie. Want to chat about "The Last Action Hero" and about PR. I can tell you a story or two about how Hollywood marketing department killed a great movie. Write me I will tell a story or two. Just remember you edit to show the best of your live show you better live up to your video the buyer sees or your sunk.

Chat more next week

Here are a few pictures of the Fukai Lecture
Best of Magic ,
Tony Blanco

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One More Day for the Blog of this week....Sorry

Dear Readers,

Tune in tomorrow night for Tony's Tips and Picks, the busy schedule has not stopped yet from last week. Currently a lecture last night with Japan's leading magician Fukai. Then tonight a special customer Chris Kenworthy is visiting us all the way from Maryland. So I will have alot to write about tomorrow.

Caio for now,


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Happy 4th of July

Your humble writer has gigs tonight and all day today. I hope you enjoy your day off and remember the spirit of the day. Join me next week here at Tony's Tips and Picks. Those in the Fresno area don't forget our lecture at Hocus Pocus this coming Monday night at 7:00 magician Fukai.


Tony Blanco

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