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Magic Moments

Hi gang! Sorry for the delay in my blog this week and no blog last week. Its been a roller coaster ride of events going on. Last week no blog because of the 4th of July, which saw your humble host trying his hand at a local restaurant. Then on the 4th working 2 gigs, a birthday party last minute booked and a bar-b-que event. All went well with the restaurant interested in me to do private parties on Saturday. Then Hocus Pocus played host to the magic of Fukai from Japan here in Fresno (yea thats Fukai and your humble MC in the photo to the right). Fukai is the creator of many magic effects and is a marvelous inspiration to the magic community. I will chat more about this in "Tony's Tips". All aside I hope you are creating "Magic Moments when you perform.

Tony's Picks

Remember this I honestly don't recommend something I would not use myself in a show. If you don't see it in this blog, guess what I don't use it or think its all that great. You can always call the shop and ask my thoughts on a product. If you don't, its your lose. I am here for all of Paul's customers to give you my thoughts on a product.

Tony's Tips

Comedy Multiplying Bottle by Paul Romhany

Here again I recommend an effect by Paul Romhany. Why! Well because he is the most prolfic working pro I have seen in years. Do you know his name like Copperfield or Angel ? No. Is he a worker YES!!!! So that means I respect someone who is creative enough to know the legends of magic and be able to give it a modern twist. Simply here is Paul' s version of the Multiplying Bottle Routine with logos of brand name bottles. It actually border lines copy write problems but I say get yours while you can. He has taken a set of bottles and given you his comedy routine that has been proven time after time on cruise ships and many private gigs. We are honored that Paul shares his creative ideas with us at Hocus Pocus. Both Paul Gross and I spend hours bringing you the newest ideas from the magic's freshest minds. Check out the full write up on the website of Paul Romhany's Bottle act. Thanks Paul.

Jeremy Pei’s Professional Linking Ropes Routine

Introducing , a true reputation maker that looks like real magic! The Professional Linking Ropes routine is a complete magic act filled with colors, movements and magical moments unlike any other. Jeremy Pei has created this multi-phase routine to play for the real world audience. 4 brightly colored ropes are used and the performance is a la the Chinese Linking Rings, which is great for parlor or stage performance. This is a complete act that packs in your pocket.The complete set comes with: Professional Linking Ropes Set (Gimmicks are Professionally Hand Crafted) Instructional DVD Carrying Case.

Fukai's Funny Flying Flower

The performer graces the stage and removes a silk. Snapping his fingers, the silk magically and instantly transforms into a beautiful flower. The flower is then attached to the magician's right lapel. Looking down at the flower for a moment, the magician plucks the flower from the lapel, gives it a sniff, and as he goes to reattach the flower, it flies around his body, landing perfectly on his left lapel! It's a magical comedy interlude and a fantastic sight gag Fukai uses in his act and to open his lecture. Each one is hand-made by Fukai himself. We were fortunate enough to obtain a small quantity after Fukai's lecture at Hocus Pocus. Act quickly, because when they're all gone, we may never have them again!

Lady Vanishes

Well here is where I got to play poster boy like Mike usually does for our ad in the website. It is an effect similar to the Vanishing Elephant but actually better made from the same company. In great hard plastic to last a life time of performances.

The performer offers to teach his audience how to vanish a lady. He displays a draped tray, a picture of a lady, (a jumbo Queen) and two flat boards to "screen" the lady. He now turns his back to the audience, and performs the effect for an imaginary audience in front of him, while the real audience has a backstage view of the working.

The two boards are placed on the tray. The Lady Card is displayed, and dropped between the two cards. The Boards are then removed, and freely displayed on both sides, to show the Lady has vanished. The real audience, however, have seen how the effect is accomplished, because they have seen the Lady Card drop through a slot in the tray into ribbon loops under the tray. However the Lady is not visible from the front, being concealed by the drape.

After some remarks to the effect that when performed with a real Lady one would require a much larger trap on the stage than the slot in the tray, and a bigger ribbon cradle, the performer offers to repeat the effect, this time with the real audience to the front.

The two boards are again placed on the tray, and the Lady dropped between them. The boards are removed and freely displayed on both sides. The Lady has vanished. The performer explains that there may be a few wise people in the audience who may figure out that the Lady is behind the drape. As he says this, he turns the tray around, so that the audience sees the back of the Lady card hanging in the ribbon harness behind the drape.
If this happens, the performer continues, he has no recourse, except to use some "real magic". The tray is turned, drape side again facing audience. The performer gestures dramatically to make the Lady vanish, then peels away the drape to show the Lady has indeed vanished. Both the drape and tray are freely shown all sides, with no trace of the Lady. Its simple and a winner! Again well made for a low price.

Tony's Tips.......Creative Moments that last forever!!

Well tonight's tips are about the live moments when we perform. Let me explain. When you perform its live, if you don't always have a crew filming your show or photographing it, that's it! The magic is done and over. In showbiz your only as good as your last show. Well if only a few see it no one knows who you are. This is why rock stars video tape each concert. This is why David Copperfield travels with a TV studio anywhere he performs. Now I know you (as a mild manner magician can't afford the latter ) but it is the smart magician that has a talented photographer at each show that could make the show count. This example is like my Biker show. The Sponser took photos, my girlfriend took pics. You have seen them on this blog (to the right of this blog is one image) or if you go to myspace you can see them. PR is PR, (PR means Public Relations) and never lose the magic of the live performance moment.
The real reason we do what we do is to get our name out there for future gigs and if no one knows what your last gig was well then....? You can say you performed for XYZ but if you don't have pic of you and XYZ. Who is going to believe you? Always in this media hungry world get images of you performing, be it video or still photos. Post them on Myspace,, Youtube, just get your face out in the media world. Don't let anyone who gets jealous of your sudden fame get to you, its just another business card to let the world know who you are.

This is an important thing to think of no matter what type of live show your doing. Get pictures and video. Like Criss Angel edit it to make you look good. Oops did I just give away his and David Blaines magic opps. The Gods that have come before us, like Mark Wilson, Doug Henning, and David Copperfield would never think of oh editing a show for the magic to look FAKE. When Mark said "The Magic is live for the audience in the studio as well as you the home viewer" , it was! No Camera Tricks and No editing! Now when you film your live shows that's up to you what you do with it to sell your show. It is no different then watching a preview of a new movie, only the best scenes are shown. Trust me at that point I love movies on DVD and watch all the extras. One of the things I watch are the previews. The commercial of the movie is never like the real movie. Want to chat about "The Last Action Hero" and about PR. I can tell you a story or two about how Hollywood marketing department killed a great movie. Write me I will tell a story or two. Just remember you edit to show the best of your live show you better live up to your video the buyer sees or your sunk.

Chat more next week

Here are a few pictures of the Fukai Lecture
Best of Magic ,
Tony Blanco

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