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It's a Kind'da Close up magic
Hello after a nice long restful weekend. I hope your summer was a good one and the gigs were even better. This weekend saw your humble host doing just one gig, and then some rest and house work. Lots of things are coming up for Hocus Pocus. We are having our Swap Meet again in January 19th 2008 (where has the year gone) with great lectures and the friendship of all the folks up and down the California state. So lock that date in, it just maybe a 2 day event so

stay tune for more news. Also those wishing to come to see Fielding West next Tuesday lets get those reservations in for one of the funny guys of magic and comedy working today. If wish to come to the lecture it will be Tuesday Sept 11, at 7:00. Please call me at 1-800-407-4040 this week to get you spot for only $10.00, $15.00 at the door the night of the lecture.

Tony's Picks

The Other Side of Illusion Henry Evans

FISM award-winner Henry Evans is back to take you on a guided tour to the other side of illusion - where the impossible becomes possible and wonderful, surprising and often humorous things happen. If you enjoyed his last critically-acclaimed DVD offering, Something More Than An Illusion, you've already had a glimpse into the whimsical world of Henry Evans. If you haven't, you're in for a rare treat indeed. Here's what you'll see during your journey to the other side of illusion: IMPOSSIBLE CONTROL, IMPOSSIBLE CONTROL 2, MEMORIZED DECK , QUIT SMOKING, IMPOSSIBLE CARDS TRANSPOSITION, THE CARDS EXPERT, CHINESE ECONOMY, MATCHING COUPLES. This is just what's on Volume 1 of a 2 volume series from one of magic's creative minds. We had folks asking about this DVD before we started selling it. So again you guys know what's hot, don't miss your chance to get both copies of The Other Side of Illusion.

Second Storm John Guastaferro
Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? Presenting John Guastaferro’s Second Storm, a follow-up to his popular Brainstorm DVDs released in 2003. Second Storm continues John’s brand of close-up magic; that is, strong, creative, practical and entertaining—ideal for strolling and formal close-up venues. John has earned the praise of magicians worldwide for his original ideas and effects. As Jon Racherbaumer puts it, “Second Storm demonstrates John’s unique ability to transform effects into ‘extraordinary moments.’” Second Storm includes never-before-seen card and non-card effects, as well as new twists from John’s 2005 lecture notes. Also on this series are John’s exclusive Brainstorm Breaks, where he shares additional ideas designed to spur your creativity.VOLUME 1: Quick Draw, Tricycle Cards, Teeter Totter Aces, Famous Aces Jokers To Go, Remote Possibilities, Fair Trade. Again like Henry Evans DVD this is also a 2 Volume DVD set. Both guys lay it on the line when it comes to amazing, clean and memorable close up magic Check out the full descriptions of the effects that are on these DVD's on our website and see what wild concepts of close up magic are being created.

Sam The Bellhop
Who has not seen this classic piece of magic by top professional Bill Malone? Here is an effect that has taken Bill around the world to perform. He has also performed this classic on the World's Greatest Magic special and in Magic of Monte Carlo on TV. Now this classic can be yours. In the book "The Final Word on Cards" by Rufus Steele there was an entry titled "Sam & Moe" (author unknown). This was a stunt in which the magician tells a story while turning over cards from the deck, the cards matching the words in the narrative. It was not really a trick but an amusing interlude. In other words, it was not supposed to fool anybody and it was not a new idea. In fact, other story routines such as "Jack goes to Town", as published in "Scarne on Card Tricks", were already in the literature. Bill learned the Sam the Bellhop story and stack as shown to him by Mike Pappas of Chicago and he immediately added expert blind shuffles and cuts to it, thereby making magic out of an amusing vignette. Bill uncovers original dynamics that make the effect flow. If you apply yourself, you can learn the most entertaining four minutes you will ever do! A bonus routine from Bill, is included "Radical Aces!"

Deep Rising Card
The performer spreads a deck of cards, displaying them and showing the spectator that there's nothing fishy about the deck. The deck is then offered to the spectator for shuffling. The performer then asks the spectator to pick a card (without any force) and memorize it. He can even sign it if he wishes. The chosen card is placed back to the middle of the deck by the spectator. The performer shows the outside and inside of the case, and immediately places the deck inside. Holding the card case, all the performer's fingers are seen and nothing is concealed. While the spectator is paying attention to the case, suddenly a single card is seen to rise right up slowly out of the deck -- it's indeed the chosen card after this is done, both sides of the case are shown and the deck is taken out of the case to spread. Still, nothing is found! You can even repeat this trick again and again! Both hands are free and no long sleeves are required! No threads, weights, magnets or thumbtips. Add nothing, take away nothing; just a deck and a card case. You control the speed of rising. This method is beautifully simple and easy to master for everyone. Comes complete with deck of cards, card case, and detailed instructions. Available in both red and blue-backed cards. Please specify color choice at time of order.

Magic Interview Series
From the folks of Radio Magic the first of magic interviews Jay Fortune talks to Wayne Dobson. Now you can have one of the world’s top magicians in your home, discussing their magical life, their favorite trick, perhaps the tricks that have made them successful. You hear about how they became bitten by the magic bug. How they made their dream of becoming a professional magician a reality. And then they tell you how you can do it. Introducing the world’s greatest magicians in a unique new series. Destined to grow into a magical classic, we are delighted to announce the first release in this exciting series for magicians. Part biographical, full of advice and always highly entertaining, this is your chance to hear Wayne’s story from childhood through to the world-famous magician he became. Honest, thought-provoking and highly charged, Wayne discusses his transition for a normal job in a sock factory to turning professional. We learn how he got the work, his big break, and the money, fame and tours that followed. Wayne takes us behind the scenes of his prime-time hit TV magic show ‘A Kind of Magic’. Wayne talks with brutal honesty of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was at the peak of his incredible career and how he copes living with his disability. The running time is well over 80 minutes, this two disc set is vital listening for the serious magician.

Tony's Tips
Well, last week you may have read that I have finally gotten a restaurant to perform in here in Fresno. Its a nice place, kind of a smaller version of an Applebee's or a TGIF without all the noise. This makes a way for me to be the special part of the visit along with the food. Just this week also we got David Stone's Real Secrets of Magic DVD volume 2 in stock. I had a chance to watch this highly knowledgeable performer share his working advice on performing in the restaurant atmosphere. This is one well produced series of DVD's (yes again 2 Volumes) with action like a movie and then insight to a working pro's world. The major thing is timing when it comes to working in restaurants, timing to perform, timing to leave the table and timing to get tips. It was like a great refresher course to watch David Stone and also laugh at the "stuff" we have to put up with from the guests. This is a fantastic DVD set to have to teach you the beginnings of performing at restaurants. Plus David's magic is quick, fast and amazing. This is what you must always keep in mind when working around and in the Food and Beverage world with your magic.
So here are a few of my tips I have learned after 32 years of what I call Food and Beverage magic. What does that mean? Honestly from Casinos to Temples to Birthday parties that is where the magic always seems to end up for me. Its either around food or at an event with food. So the first friend you need to make is the manager of the restaurant and the master cook of the place your working. To time when you work the tables between courses, to do your show after dessert not while its being served or while dishes are being cleared. Yes the folks came to eat but at some point you better be seen by the folks that hired you or they think you did nothing all night but walkaround.
I teach the tables to clap from the very first trick I do. This way other tables begin to wonder "who is he and is he coming to our table next"! Make those impressions so that the hosts know that you're working the party or room. If your working in a restaurant make sure you have some effects that use business cards. So that you leave them you number for future work. Mark Wilson has a great DVD for these types of effects. Patrick Kuff, Max Maven, and many more have great ideas with cards also. Take a look in variations of the "Out to Lunch" principal for more business card effects.
We will continue next week with more of Food and Beverage magic. For those of you wanting to share ideas for next week write me at tony@hocus-pocus.com

Thanks for reading,
Tony Blanco

Summer Photos of our Hocus Pocus family.

Blake Maxam from Oakland, CA. as the Madhatter

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