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A Magical Weekend

So I left off last week telling you about Lisa and I getting married (Below are pictures). Before I took the day off on Friday, the Hocus Pocus family Paul, Betty, Jan, Karen, Ken and Mike threw a surprise wedding luncheon for us. Lovely gifts and great feelings for Lisa and I on our big day. Thank you very much gang, Lisa and I were surprised and honored!

Then Friday I took off from work to get the wedding papers taken care of in downtown Fresno. Then it was off to get food, the wedding cake and more food. After a bit of confusion (and I am being polite about what happened) with not having the person who plan to make the cake, make the cake. We found a Spanish Super Market and I mean super! Make us a two layer 1/2 sheet carrot cake in 30 minutes. They saved the day. Off to Costco for more food. A couple of days earlier the guy (Kent) that runs the motorcycle events I perform at hooked us up with coffee pots, tables and all sorts of kitchen stuff to serve food. Thank you Kent! Then it was early Saturday morning (5 AM) to set up tables and chairs. The wedding was called for a 10:00 but we had a rehearsal at 8:30 called for. The day turned out wonderfully and you can see by the pictures that we had a Celtic style wedding. Nothing more then lovely words said and a traditional jumping over a branch to step into our new life together. Again many thanks to everyone for all your kind words and help.

Tony's Picks

Don Alan's Magic Ranch

The name Don Alan will go down in magic history as one of the most creative performers and inventive entertainers. Don was one of the guys that was there in the beginning of alot of firsts in magic, trade-shows, nightclubs and television. Now witness Don Alan, magician and his complete Magic Ranch television series now available on three fully search able DVDs. The thirteen episodes of Magic Ranch from 1961 contain Don Alan close-up gems like the Chop Cup, Stack of Quarters, Flying Eagles, and many other classics of Don's blend of magic and comedy. Don featured some of the best in the business at the time including Jay Marshall, Al Flosso, Jack Gwynne, "Senator" Crandall, Karrell Fox, Richard Himber, Neil Foster, George Johnstone, James Reneaux, Johnny Platt, and many more. One of the best parts of these DVD's is an interview with Eugene Burger (one of Don's early devotees), Magic Ranch stills and outtakes, long-lost footage for the Alan's Alley show, and an early Don Alan TV performance

Heiny 500

From the creative mind of Karl Hein comes Heiny 500. Here is a DVD that in one day I must have written orders for over 30 of them. You the working pro know a good thing when you see it. Which is my way of saying, yes it is on the website for your to view. Here is one of the most visual money effects ever as five $1 dollar bills morph into 5 $100 dollar bills. Don't believe what you see. Then here are what the working pros are saying "Heiny 500 is the best *#@!!% money effect I have ever seen." --Chris Kenner. "Karl made a good trick into an amazing one! The difference is now I use it all the time."-- Bob Sheets. "Who introduced Karl to Harry Potter? This effect is REAL magic!"-- Daniel Garcia."This is the best handling of Pat Page's Easy Money anyone has come up with, and I've seen them all. It's better than Hundy 500, Slow Burn, Foreign Exchange, 3-D Cash, or any of the others."-- John Lovick. So with all those recommendations I will add mine which is to say "This is a fast hot seller and don't miss out on this one!

Royal Fantasy

One of my favorite memories of magic is watching Harry Anderson on TV. Now you can perform a visual stunner that Harry Anderson used to blow away millions of television viewers. Harry would always perform so of his best card effects in way jumbo cards. Here now are a standard size version of Royal Fantasy is perfect for close-up entertainers. Show four playing cards - all Kings - and place them one at a time onto the spectator's waiting hand. First, the King of Hearts, then the King of Spades, King of Clubs, and King of Diamonds. Remember, each card is individually placed onto the spectator's hand. Without any further work, all four kings instantly change into four spot cards of different values. Only four cards used! Nothing added or taken away. No specially printed cards. So here is you chance to look sharp and smooth the way a good card man should

Dragon Puppet
Here is a dragon puppet that will truly impress the neighbors. With all the current rage of Harry Potter and Wizards here is the perfect partner to have to help make your magic work. His mouth opens and closes, head is separate from the body for amazing realistic movement. Just check out the amazing detail. The dragon tail has wire inside so you can pose it any way you want. In fact, you can even wrap it around your arm. This puppet is perfect for the magician, children's entertainer, ventriloquist, clown, MC, strolling performer etc. This puppet is an exceptional value and we guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality and detail.

Werry's Miracle Disk

Werry experimented for six months on this trick, until he produced a masterpiece of modern close-up magic. Not a trick in the usual sense of the word, but a SUCCESSION OF SUCH UNLIKELY EFFECTS, that you must have seen "Miracle Disc" (former called Bewitched Disc) to believe the description. Just read what the audience sees: The magician places a little wallet on the table in front of him and takes out of it a clear round disc of transparent plastic, which has a large bright red spot on each side. EFFECT 1: After the magician has shown the disc on both sides, he covers it for a moment with his empty hand, which he immediately draws away to one side. The two red spots on the front and back of the disc are now bright GREEN! - and the magician's hands are EMPTY, except for the disc. EFFECT 2: The performer shows the disc on both sides, covers it again for an instant with his empty hand, moving the hand almost immediately away to the side. The 2 green spots are now YELLOW! EFFECT 3: The artist taps against the disc with his finger nails. Right away the UPPER SPOT ONLY turns green again! EFFECT 4 AND 5: The disc is laid in the left hand in such a way that it is quite clearly seen which color is uppermost. The audience are asked, "Now, which color is on top?' Let us say the answer is "green". The magician opens his hand slowly and shows that the YELLOW spot is on top. This effect is repeated. EFFECT 6: The disc is in the left hand again, so that it can be seen which color is uppermost. "Which color is on top?" asks the magician smilingly. "Green" say the audience. But perhaps one sharp-witted chap says "yellow". "You're WRONG", says the performer "now it is BLACK" And yes, - there is a black spot on the disc. EFFECT 7: "I'll do it again, so that you can see it clearly", says the magician and for the fourth time he places the disc into his left hand. Then he asks, "Now then, what's on top now?" There is a doubtful silence. He opens his hand - and the disc isn't there, it has VANISHED! "Obviously you haven't been keeping an eye on it, else you would have seen that I slipped it into the wallet as I touched it just now!" The magician brings the disc out of the wallet. EFFECT 8: The magician taps the disc with his finger nails again and the spot on the other side is BLACK! EFFECT 9: Suddenly both spots turn BLUE! EFFECT 10: Once more the magician covers the disc for a moment and when he jerks his hand sideways, as at the beginning, the 2 spots have turned WHITE. And his hands are quite empty except for the disc. With this the performance of the "Bewitched Disc" would be at an end, if there wasn't a yet more staggering climax to this staggering routine. Effect 11, the CLIMAX: Modestly, the magician puts the disc on to the table and looks at the audience, who immediately rush to give the disc a thorough examination. But the only thing they discover is a GOLD "Query" Mark (?) on the white spot, which poses an other question to the audience. Is that enough for one effect or what?

Tony's Tips

This week I am featuring some of our customers that have sent news of their careers and a suggestion or two for your shows. First from the Massachusetts area Matt Roberts.

Matt Roberts is perhaps best known for his performances as "Magic Matt," on the national television series, Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld, currently on over 120 PBS stations in the U.S. and on military bases around the world on the American Forces Network. As a regular cast member, he continues to create and perform new, themed segments of the popular show that brings his magic to millions. Matt is also an award-winning actor with professional stage credits, Matt holds a B.A. in Theatre and has performed in 31 states and 13 countries.

I recently returned from a two-month theater tour of Asia. Before leav
ing the U.S. I learned that, while working in the Philippines, I would have the opportunity to make a special visit to a youth center in the middle of a squatter village. Hundreds of families live in really awful conditions there and rely on this community center for free clinics and activities for their children. Bringing some fun to these people is what magic is all about, so I was excited about being able to help.
The unique performing conditions and the somewhat treacherous trip to the village made bringing a traditional road case impossible. The search was on for a pack-small, soft-sided, durable, lightweight bag that would look good and hold about 30 minutes of material. I ended up stumbling upon a very handy little “lunch box” from Eddie Bauer that is perfect for all of those shows where you can’t (or just don’t want to) bring lots of stuff…and it’s less than $20.
*Check it out: If you look close you can see the bag Matt is talking about in the photo to the right in his hand.

Matthew Johnson here from Vancouver, hope you are keeping well. You ran the story about me being in the Nationwide TV commercial as a magician, I am sure you remember.

Anyways......I thought you may be interested in a crazy friend of mine by the name of Justin Kyllo. He lives just around the corner from me, here in Canada and when it comes to Halloween he is a NUT! When he is not running his competition catering company ( he is the proud owner of a haunted house that was voted as the "Scariest House in Vancouver" last year by CTV news. He has had more newspaper articles and press coverage than I care to mention and does it all for the community and the food back here in Canada. Usually he raises about $10,000 worth of food every year. Everyone coming to the house does not have to pay a dime they just have to bring a food donation.

I know what you are thinking.....great but what does this have to do with magic?

Well I have been up there in the wind and the rain for the last 3 weeks helping to build this incredible display and this year I am going to be in the haunted house performing some creepy magic like "Knife through arm" to really freak people out.

I hope that your readers will feel inspired by the pictures I am sending of the haunted house and by reading this letter in two ways. One I hope it inspires creativity and a will to strive to be inventive and think outside the box. Two, here is a guy who has no movie set training but has created something from scratch that helps to raise money for a great cause, something we (as performers) should all work towards. Sometimes the moments we take to give back to the community around us are the greatest moments of all! Justin Kyllo is a very clever and artistic guy who is the king of giving back to his community with no personal gain. He also happens to be a little bit of an amateur magician and would love to get into magic more.

On a second note Justin has helped me build & design props for my own act and in the next five or six months we will be collaborating together to bring new effects to the market based on original ideas of mine. Judging by Justin's work I know the new stuff will be great!

The shots I am sending you were taken in the day for clarity. For anyone in Canada passing through Vancouver, BC the Haunted House ( is at 1920 Casano Drive in North Vancouver and will be open on the following days :

Friday the26th of October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Saturday the 27th of October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Sunday the 28th of October 6:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday the 30th of October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Wednesday the 31st of October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
The times and details are posted on the blog page at my website

Be prepared for a terrifying experience of sight, sound, smell with a little bit of gory magic thrown won't be disappointed!

Tony and Lisa's Wedding Pictures

Tom Jorgenson w/LisaONG>

Lisa and I Bert, Carmine, Lisa, Me, Mike and Tom

A sit down in the morning sun after the Wedding

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