Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wizards, Little Critters and Goblins

This is your count down week to Halloween. Have you gotten you shows lined up? Props ready? I hope so. This week I am performing as a Wizard, Zoo Magician and Real Estate magician. First it will be off to the Tea House for a Harry Potter style evening of magic, treats and tea. This will be so great as everyone is told to come in costume for a ballroom full of Wizards and muggles. Then again I get to entertain at our local zoo for "ZooBoo". This will be an evening of kids roaming the zoo in costume, visiting the animals and then the grand costume parade. Sunday finds me going to help sell homes (not actually doing paper work) by entertaining at a brand new home development. This Halloween/fall event will feature radio stations, cooking demo's, landscape ideas and of course homes for sale. You see how magic could be used by so many smart marketing folks. So there it goes a full fall weekend. Next weekend for those of you who don't know (which I think will be all of you) Lisa and I are getting married on Saturday 27th. We are planning a nice simple wedding in our backyard, so here is hoping the weather is going to be good this weekend and next.

Hocus Pocus Lecture Series Continues
Hocus Pocus upcoming news is we thought we were done with lectures for the year until we got some amazing news. Hocus Pocus dear friend and magic legend John Calvert is going to be here December 10. It seems John is being honored in Las Vegas by his peers for his years of performing. John is a living legend not only as a magician, but as an actor John worked at a time when stars like Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power or Douglas Fairbanks ruled big screen. John also worked with most of these stars and did appear in over 40 movies during the Golden age of Hollywood. Along with his wife Tammy, John still performs and travels around the world. So I would mark your calendar for December 10th 2007 for an Evening with John Calvert at 7:00 $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door the night of the lecture.

A New Hocus Pocus Website

If you have not noticed this week the Hocus Pocus website has a new look and new features. One of the features that is very cool, is signing up for an email notice of what are the new items that Mike has posted that day. This feature is on the right hand side of the screen just below product search which was also moved to the right. Sign up and at the end of the day a email will be sent to you. Another feature now is when looking at the website you will now see right away which products are non-discountable when ordering during a sale. Also featured is a Holiday magic section link click on the bottom left. Check out the great Holiday items and Paul says we have Santa Hat Tears for the first time in two years. The website is still adding more features and fine tuning, so if you have suggestions or ideas we would like to hear from you.

Tony's Picks

Real Ghost

Ever since the premiere of Real Ghost at MindVention 2006 the underground buzz on this outstanding effect has been phenomenal. In fact Christopher Taylor was approached within minutes of his performance with an offer to sell the TV rights (he did not choose to do so)! By utilizing Real Ghost, Christopher has created the finest and most hands off version of PK Touches we have ever seen! Real Ghost can be used in a number of ways to create numerous outstanding magic, PK, mental & bizarre effects.Please check out the online video and be amazed and begin to wonder how did he do that. Real Ghost comes complete with the Real Ghost Unit and a password that will allow you to download the video instructions and gain access to the Real Ghost users forum. Here is what I have told you about certain magic products and this is true for Real Ghost. The Real Ghost units are going to be produced in limited quantities.

Spongeball Eyes "The Eyes Have it"

In time for Halloween, this routine is hilariously funny, and Steve Marshall is performing this professionally in his nightclub act. Welcome to the wonderful world of eyeball magic! It is one of the lesser-known areas of magic. With these sponge eyeballs that Alan Wong has created you will be able to create many different kinds of ‘eye-popping’ effects. Some of you may choose the creepy crawly route. Steve and Alan have both chosen to go the comedy route, and the included routine contains more than a few corny jokes. Whichever direction you decide to go, we know you will have lots of fun, and get great reactions from these eyeballs! This package comes with a set of four sponge eyeballs and the full routine!

Here I go again

From the hardest working man in magic Bill Malone (chant it out loud Bill Malone) come his newest set of DVD's Here I go Again. Bill's first DVD set, “On the Loose,” is considered as one of the greatest magic collections ever released. Now from Bill, comes magic that is truly the most entertaining magic ever caught on DVD. With everything from self-working effects to advanced sleight of hand, this incredibly funny series offers something for everyone.
Here he shares it all—the presentations, the secrets, the tips and touches that come from years of experience, plus discussions on business that will help bring your magic career to a different level. Remember this is the guy that travels the world doing trade shows, company dinners, hospitality suites and his entertaining winning personality wins everyone over. Some of the effects from this 3 DVD set include: Autographed Baby Gag! - A great opening for any stand-up act. Rub-a-Dub-Dub / Cups and Balls - (With Special Thanks to Phil Willmarth) Worth the whole price of the DVD set. There are tons of great effects on these 3 DVD's check out whats on the DVD's from our website. Now for me on each of the DVD I enjoy Bill's Tips: Taking It to the Next Level, Situating Yourself in the Right Place, Secrets to Increase Your Quick Wit Abilities. Putting Together a Stand-Up Show, My Trade Show Pitch, Drilling a Good Show Into Your Head, Following Up With Your Clients. Restaurant Magic — The Owner’s Point of View! How Much Should You Charge, Dealing with Meeting Planners. Here now are real world ideas from years of experience that only Bill can passes along to you. These DVD's are again going to become classics. One of my customers called today ordering this DVD set. He was so excited about a new Bill Malone set, it was like Christmas came early for him and it will be for you too if you get Here I go again.

Shoot Ogawa Collection

Last January, Hocus Pocus held it's first swap meet and we had many highlights during the day. One of the most talked about was the amazing talent of Shoot Ogawa. During his performance/ lecture he blew everyone away with his skills. Shoot Ogawa has been performing since he was 10 years old and been featured on every major network in Japan. Now a regular feature performer at the Magic Castle as well as around the world. From cards to coins to thimbles and his most famous effect the Ninja Rings, Shoot performs and teaches on DVD's. We are honored that Shoot has chosen to let Hocus Pocus be his exclusive dealer of his fine products which include his DVD's, Manipulation Thimbles, Manipulation Cards, Ninja rings and much more. Check out the Shoot Ogawa section on our website. You can find a link located on the left of the screen.

Light Before Your Eyes

From Jay Mattioli comes a complete routine that is elegant, enchanting, and entirely entertaining! Standing center stage is a tall, living room style torch lamp. The magician enters, turns the lamp on and the magic begins. The magician then produces a silk, waves it around and in a blink, the silk vanishes! At the same moment the lamp goes out. The magician tips the lamp toward the audience, revealing the vanished silk inside the sealed light bulb! The magician removes the bulb from its socket, removes the silk from inside, and replaces the bulb in the lamp which causes the lamp to again light up. Then, the magician holds an ungimmicked 36" x 32" foulard spread in front of the lamp when suddenly the audience sees the entire lamp begin to levitate! Yes, while still lit, the lamp levitates right to left, up and down, and even turns horizontal in mid air. The visual sight of this very tall torch lamp floating around freely is mind boggling and utterly shocking! Finally the lamp comes to a rest to a wonderful round of applause Special features to this product is you can do a liquid to light bulb instead of the silk. The gimmicked bulb is water tight. You can perform this in many venues from a large stage to the living room floor. Jay supplies the lamp, bulb, silks, vanishing gimmick, foulard, cases, and best of an instructional DVD. The Light before your Eyes packs into two cases; one hard-shell tube 4" round by 33" long, with a shoulder strap; one padded briefcase 18" x 13" x 6". We thank Jay for coming to us to sell his great concept only to Hocus Pocus.

Anti Gravity Cloak

From the wacky mind of Woody Pittman comes his Anti Gravity Cloak. Imagine being surrounded, suddenly, you begin to rise over 12 inches off the ground, floating from side to side. You can gently return to earth and remove the cloak. The magic is just that simple and an amazing illusion comes with everything. The Anti-Gravity Cloak, carrying bag, hand-crafted from quality materials. The stabilizer that makes the magic work can easily support up to 275 pounds. To make everything more clear you even get a DVD of Woody explaining his self-levitation in complete detail. Here is the best part, there are no additional parts to buy or make! So those of you with a need to float or perform a self-levitation this is that great, wacky one that you have been looking for.

Tony's Tips

Well here is another one of those ideas that came out of a call with a customer looking for an item. I was chatting with Doug Roberts "Potty the Pirate" from England who wanted to do a mentalism effect for kids. Now not to say kids are not smart but then again mentalism is the kind of thing where you have to understand whats real and what is not. Its not always visual magic, it tends to be more of in your head then in your face kind of magic. So I believe the magician's force is probably the best visual way to do something with mentalism for any age. Potty (Doug) had mention this was something he wanted to do a Christmas time. So with that in mind along with the magician's force here is something I came up with called:

Santa Knows!

You start out with Christmas Gift ( a box all wrapped and decorated) with a tag that says Merry Christmas from Santa. This gift is given to a child that you invite up on stage and told not to open it. Now you bring out some Holiday Items, let's say a Toy Christmas Tree, a Christmas stocking, a tree ornament, Toy Soldier, Teddy Bear what ever you like but lets stick to 5 items. Invite another child on stage and start with asking to pick two out of the five items. These are set aside. Then pick 2 more items. These are put aside. One is left. Ask the child with the gift to open the box. The child opens the box and pulls out a laminated sign. The sign reads "The child will pick the Toy Soldier because....Santa Knows! Please give them each a stocking full of goodies from me. Love, Santa". From inside the box remove two small stockings with gifts (or what ever goodies you wish to give away.
Seems pretty simple and I really think it would play big as well as it would be visual also. Now of course you need to know the magicians force for this effect. So preparation a box big enough to hold a sign (81/2 x 11 should do it) and some stockings with a gift or goodies. It would be smart to make this box one that you can use over and over again. Decorate the box and use a ribbon that you can just tie a big bow to keep the box closed. When the child opens the box all they would have to do is untie the bow. The sign you can make up on your computer, and I would make up different signs for each of the items you are going to use. This way if your doing the show in a place where you have repeat shows during the day (malls, schools, department store) the result will be different for each show. Now laminate the sign also. This way the sign will last and a clever line to use is "that the message is sealed in plastic so there is no way I can change what is written". This line has served me well in doing a trick by Max Maven. I even did a Max's trick from his Videomind series for him and he agreed that added a strong point (laminating and the line) to his effect. So I think any chance you use a card laminated this would be great.

Then when choosing objects make sure they are ones everyone knows and can relate to. The storyline is up to you but I would talk about how Santa knows the good boys and girls from the bad boys and girls. The rest I think is performance as already explained in the beginning of this routine. Now the cool thing with the idea behind this routine you can change it to Halloween and the objects can be five scary things such as Skull, Dracula doll, Frankenstein, Witch, Jack-O-Lantern. The box in this case could be a coffin with the note and wierd Halloween treats.

I just want to thank Doug Roberts for the inspiration on our phone chat to come up with this idea and using the magician's force for a fun bit of mentalism for kids. Let your mind wander how you can change this routine and let me hear what you come up with.

Thanks for reading sorry for the delay of a day in writing.
Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

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