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Magical Weekend At Hocus Pocus

Well to say that this weekend was full of magic and great times would be a under statement. Paul, Betty and I have been planning this event for the past year to make it even more special then last year. Our crew including Jan, Karen, Ken, Mike, Louie and new crew member Jonathan worked real hard to make everthing seem like any day visiting a magic shop. Only thing about a couple hundred people visited at the same time and 6 lectures and over 20 dealers were there at this for your visit.

Our day started on Friday with most of the set up of things just falling into place including a tent for extra dealers in the parking lot and a convention like backdrops set up in the warehouse for the lectures. Then in the afternoon one by one our good friends started arriving to set up they tables. Dick Berry, Losander, David Regal, Jay Leslie, Suds, Daryl, Dean Dill arrived in the afternoon. It was great to see old friends and chat up whats been going on. Then that night Paul and Betty played host to a welcome dinner for all the vendors and lecturers. Again stories of shows and dealing with magical customers was the talk of the evening. Yet no one left hungry after a great Chinese meal at the Joy Luck. Well enough chat to bed for a 7 am set up for the vendors.

Saturday the day begins as it does this time of the year in Fresno, with morning fog and a bit of a cold front. Yet everyone was full of energy to warm up any room. After all the vendors finish set up doors open right on time at 9 AM. The crowds now had 3 spaces to visit with dealers and folks selling lots of collectable magic. Great deals were made. Remember one man's junk is another man's treasure. Lots of young kids learning, buying and being inspired to be the next future magicians (my favorite picture below of Bobby Reynolds) on this day.

Then the lectures 6 of them to be exact all day long. Suds, David Regal, Jay Leslie, Shoot, Daryl and Losander. All differnet styles of magic and all with amazing things to share with our guest. I was pretty much running between the Hocus Pocus table to sell and then get each lecture started. Then after each lecture Paul set it up as a drawing for give aways for our guests attending the lectures. Gifts included DVD's Trick's and T-Shirts. The grand prize was a complete set of Mark Wilson DVD's of the Magial land of Allakazam. So much for one day I know Paul will mention more on his blog on Friday.

Sunday see us back again with a group of 30 eager folks to have a private workshop with the Magician's Magician Daryl. One thing to mention Daryl is an amazing teacher. Now I am not talking about his magic which is fantastic to say the least. Iam talking about the man himself, he has such a wonderful life giving inspiring way to teach. Not one person ever seemed lost or confused. His way of talking and his manner is just so clear that everyone walked away truly inspired.

Well that is just a brief report of this the second Hocus Pocus Swap Meet and Get-Together. You know its an old Vegas thing for an entertainer to say on stage "I feel there is so much love in this room tonight!" Honestly that is really the truth when it comes to our event. Folks have sent emails and thank you letters already about how much this event is just that....filled with the love of magic. The folks visiting from the vendors and dealers to the guest just show us all how much magic is important to them. This inspires each other and we really do feel the "love" when we have this event. I want to thank all who came to the event and to those who help make it look so smooth. Honestly to do this is as they say a labor of love. We look forward to next year ...bigger and even better if that is possible. Check out my Tony's Tips for a photo journey of the event. Maybe we will see your next year!

Tony's Picks


From the days of Silent movie comedies to the modern high tech movie imagine having Smoke come out of your ears on command! Produce blasts of smoke up to 5ft both sides of your head. You can repeat it as many times as you like, with no reset needed. You truly will looks like a very expensive effect that you only see in the movies, but you can perform it whenever you want at an amazing price. Plus extra bonus included FREE!! Produce smoke from bare hands. With this addition, you can produce smoke quite literally from anywhere, bare hands / bottom / leg and even build it into props. Endless possibilities! Very safe, no ignition, no heat produced and most important no hard to find hazardous chemicals. Simply amazing!! Comes full instructions, Overload gimmick, suitable for any head, whatever size even magicians! One cartridge, these refill cartridges are available all over the world. Check out the online video. So don't miss out being a walking movie effect!

Dean's Triangle Deluxe

From the creative coin magic mind of Dean Dill comes a Coins Through the Table like you've never seen before! Comes complete with 10” tall table, coins, carrying case, and DVD Here is an effect that everytime Dean performed it at the Swap meet he sold one. Not only is the routine & magic awesome, the props (& case) are gorgeous. "If you chartered a plane and flew to the Bermuda Triangle, performed your best coin magic there, Dean's Triangle would still be more impossible - Michael Weber

"Turns a great trick into an unforgettable performance piece. Dean's Triangle is pure, concentrated magic!" -- R. Paul Wilson

"Yesterday, Dean Dill did his Triangle for me. It made my jaw drop!" -- Whit Haydn

"Dean fools me a lot but this took my breath away. Dean's Triangle is so visual. I did not believe my eyes!" -- Doc Eason.
So if all these guys have this to say about Dean's Triangle you need to check out the online video. Dean's Triangle is also available as a deluxe edition with special 18” round base close-up pad.

Falling for You

Now here is one of those effects that the moment it was put up on the website all of you were calling in to get one. So its a hot selling and impressive item. A spectator is shown a small bunch of cards and is asked to remember one. The cards are mixed and dropped to the ground by a spectator or magician one at a time landing in a neat little pile, except for one. One card takes off and flies towards the person that thought of a card! The card is named, turned over and shown to be the one they thought of! No elastic, No reset, No threads No magnets, No wires, Self-contained/self-working "Finally, a genuine breakthrough in plot and method! I know everyone will be doing this." -- Paul Harris.

Three Button Monte

From the wizard of gadgets Sud's comes Three Button Monte. Sud's premiered this at the swap meet this weekend. We are happy to have such a clever little item like this on the website. I call it a "walkaround or pocket verison of the Wellington Switchboard". You get this clever little pine looking box with 1 light and three push buttons. The box only measures 2 1/4 x 2 x 4 inches...oh so small and cute. You give a spectator a chance to push any button they think will light up an LED but it doesn't light no matter how many chances they get! So you give a second spectator a chance. Still the LED does not light. Only when you push the button does the LED light. You can play this little game over and over and you always win. This is one effect that you will have so much fun with Suds' Three Button Monte that it will be with you wherever you go!

Ring Finale

From Dean Dill and Rich Hurley is a utility prop that can be used as an ending for any finger ring routine. With a plot similar to "ring flight", (without the gimmick key chain) this routine does not require a jacket or reel. Best of all, it automatically resets for your next performance. After a borrowed ring is vanished, it mysteriously reappears inside a zippered purse along with a collection of beautiful rings the magician has "borrowed" from other victims. Depending on the ethics of the performer, the borrowed ring is either returned or sold on e-Bay. The Ring Finale Package comes with a genuine leather purse and three high quality costume jewelry rings. The custom made purse is composed of soft leather, and its size and shape fit comfortably in the hand and is perfect for this effect. In addition we've included a "ring hank" with a secret gaff. Ring Finale by Rich Hurley and Dean Dill is fun, practical and easy to perform. Just put it in your pocket and you're ready to go. Simple and powerful effect. I also recommend once you get this effect down you might want to add an Any Ring by Richard Sanders just to kick it up a notch.


From Adam Topham he is what has been nicknamed possibly the world's most "expensive" card trick. Your spectator selects a card, and then places the cards back into the box, you then explain that you are going to find their card in a unique way, by using a woman’s best friend -- diamonds! You place your black handkerchief into your hand and the spectator pours diamonds into your hand with the hanky. You then pass the hanky to the spectator with the diamonds inside. And at the given time they shout out their card and open their hand to reveal the diamonds have spelled out their card. The effect could be used as a finale to end your favorite routine. Your talent and imagination should also see other finales this can be used for. Everything include are Instructions explaining how to perform this truly sparkling effect. A small bag of diamonds, and everything to make this minor miracle happen. All you need is your regular deck of cards!

Tony's Tips
The Hocus Pocus Swap Meet in Photos

"Five minutes till we open"

Max and his video tape special "Deal of the day"

Mike running in a blurr and all around good guy Ken covers sales, service, security on this day!

Bobby Reynolds inspires the next generation of Magicians!

The Crowds have arrived !

Frank Thurston, Ronald Saylor and I compare the deal Frank got!

Dealers working the room

Dick Barry and I on camera for local TV performing "Rigid Hank"

Mark Wilson, Lisa, Nani Darnell and Tony

Tony, Losander and Mark Wilson

The very impressive and great guy Dean Dill performing the Dean's Triangle

Losander in action during his lecture

Our Hocus Pocus hero Louie

Checking in on a gang of Magicians at dinner in the Tower District of Fresno with Tim Mannix (right)

The Daryl Workshop on Sunday
Lots of folks learning for 2 Hours A Master Teacher at Work

One trick that blew Daryl away from this young magician

Two former Las Vegas guys finding more magic in California
Hope to see you here next year

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